Essay On Experience is The Best Teacher

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Essay On Experience is The Best Teacher

In several respects, the information gained from books and other sources is not always perfect. Sometimes it appears dull and much of it is not really grasped. Unless it is added and changed by the wisdom grown from experience, it is misleading and sometimes dangerous. However, nobody’s experience can ever be regarded as complete.

One cannot overlook or underestimate the importance of books. The knowledge contained in books is based on endless experience. We must constantly revise bookish knowledge in the light of practical experience.

If we visit a historical place, what we have learnt about the places in the books on history will take on life and colour. There can be no better way of learning the geography of different countries by actually visiting them and understanding them. To take examples, we prefer an experienced doctor or lawyer compared to a beginner. In certain spheres of life like politics, experience is very necessary. Thus, a lazy politician is incompetent and good for nothing to society.

Many occupations demand more experience, than theoretical knowledge. The sales representative goes to shops and house to house with a good theoretical knowledge about the product but experience teaches him to make friendly relations with the customers and to avoid any problem. Many jobs depend wholly on practice and experience. People like shoemakers, goldsmiths, tailors, etc. learns their skills by practice, by trial and error and often serves a long training in their respective trades.

Experience is no doubt a best teacher, but it is unwise to disrespect the classroom studies. The lessons learnt from experience will not be forgotten. If we speak untruth or hide something and are trapped in a tight spot due to it, we are not likely to repeat the same mistake in future. Therefore, certain unpleasant experiences, failures and sufferings make us realise our errors and weaknesses and thus, teach us how to improve ourselves for the coming future.

Essay On Experience is The Best Teacher


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