Essay On The India of My Dreams

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Set 1: Essay On The India of My Dreams

My country, India of which I am very proud of is today a poverty ridden country mainly because of the band of corrupt leaders that rule the country. Owing to the very corrupt leaders holding the topmost post in the country, corruption has filtered down right to practically every government institute in the country. Today in my India if I need any basic work done from a government office or hospital | need to have money in my pockets to bribe the people concerned. A very sad state of affairs and yet I am proud of my country.

I am proud of my country because government machinery, set up by our country’s first and true leaders such as Mahatma Gandhiji, Nehruji, Sardar Patel etc. , is far too firm to be destroyed. In the India of my dreams, I visualize a new dynamic leader to come and set things right. One who would cause people to stop running after money desperately and make it easily available to all alike. In this way all poverty would vanish and every single person on my motherland will be able to live a content life.

In order to bring money to all the countrymen this new leader will attain peace not only to India but to all nations. He would cause the creation of Such an emotional integrity that the Police force system, vigilance, auditing, commissions, courts. Naxalisms and other disgruntled organization etc. would become matters of post and would be found in History book only. The huge amount of money thus saved will go into the people’s pockets through jobs for all.

Set 2: Essay On India Of My Dreams

Just like millions of hopeful people, even I have my own dreams of India I would like to see in future. My happiness will not have any limits once the India of my dreams comes into existence. Although India has made progress in various fields and has earned a name for itself, there are many changes that are yet to be made for further growth and progress of India.

Some of the cities and towns in India are clean and hygenic. They have wonderful buildings, monuments and places to visit. Many people wear good clothes. They travel in cars, motorcycles and public transports like buses and trains. There are several shops selling different kinds of articles. Things like different food items that are required daily, electric and electronic items, fancy and gifting articles, textiles, etc. are sold in shops.

The markets are crowded with people. One finds flood of light, especially in urban areas. In the evening, the shine of the lights everywhere dazzles our eyes. However, even in the urban areas there are many places of filth, dirt, sewage and foul-smelling garbage. The towns and the cities are partly filthy and partly clean. The areas inside small and narrow streets and lanes are far different from the main roads.

India is a land of villages. The villages constitute 80% of India. Rural India is far more different from urban areas. Due to poverty, most of the people in rural areas are not well clothed. They look shabby and unclean. Their looks show that they are neither educated nor civilized. They do not seem to be healthy. In the villages, different types of crops are grown and they reach the markets in the towns and cities. The villagers work very hard to make the towns and cities prosperous. The Government certainly pays much attention to bring about so awareness among people of rural India. However, more and continuous efforts are needed to give a better look and to make people more and more civilized in the rural areas.

India of my dreams will be an India where village dweller will be as smart, educated, well dressed, rich and sophisticated as urban people. Crimes committed towards women, children and old will not take place. The cities and towns are one-half of India and the villages are another half of the country. The traditional quality, educational achievements and economic prosperity will be equal in both the urban and the rural India. Each day we are progressing in various fields and the day is not far off when India of my dreams will certainly come into existence.

Essay On The India of My Dreams

Set : Essay On The India of My Dreams

May I sit and dream for the best; who can stop me to do that. If not in reality at least in dreams, let me get the best picture of my country. Sometimes, they say, dreams can also come true, so do I also wish. I have, in my mind, the picture of an ideal India. Ideals may not be real but there is no harm in trying to be real about the ideal.

Politically, India of my dreams would be a successful democractic where all have equal rights and equal opportunities of life. Elections would be held for forming governments but voters would cast their votes for policies and programmes meant for the welfare of the masses and not on caste. If a party with a programme for general welfare comes to power, it would really and genuinely work for the welfare of the people. After getting into power the leaders would only think of the welfare of all people and not on the basis of who voted for them and who did not. It would be the government for all people irrespective of party, caste or religion.

Corruption would be an unheard of thing in India of my dreams. As it is happening today, corruption is like a canker which is eating into the vitals of our political and social life. Not only lacs but crores are being siphoned away from the amount meant for welfare schemes. That is such a black spot on the face of the country. This black spot would stand erased in India of my dreams. Money of the people would be money for the people taxes would be levied in a judicious manner, no one would try to evade them; pay the taxes as they need to be paid and then the national income thus generated would be totally used for the benefit and welfare of the people.

There would be none naked; none starving, none without a proper roof in India of my dreams. Agriculture would grow, the grannaries would be full and there would be enough for all to eat. There would be a control over population voluntarily imposed by the people over themselves. They would know the value of a planned family.

Education would be available to all and all would avail of this. Education means enlightenment and that is what the people of my India would get. They easily could match the people of any other country in the matter of enlightenment and information.

Industry would develop but not at the cost of general health. There would be no pollution created by the industries – they would use means to control pollution. Cottage industries would be encouraged to give to the rural population incentive to add to their income. Handicrafts would grow and their marketing would also be properly managed. The income would go to the artisan.

India of my dreams shall have a strong military power as strong as of any other nation; so that none dare challenge my India’s integrity and boundaries. Even the common citizen would be possessed with the civic sense and possess a pride for his nation. Socially India of my dreams would be secular but every religion and every faith shall have full freedom to function independently – each one having a regard and tolerance for the other. A social concord and cooperation and a sense of brotherhood among all shall be the hall mark of my India’s social set up.

Regard and respect for age, all due consideration for the health of all the best medical facilities available to keep people free from distress and disease shall be the sole aim of the medical profession. Not for profit but for service that would be the line on which the medical men would work. The aged would receive due care and as long as they live, life for them would appear worth living. Healthy at birth, hopeful in youth and happy in old age that would be the way of life of people in the country of my dreams.

Health, Wealth and Wisdom these would be the key words of life. How pleasant would be the day when dreams as above would be fulfilled and realised.


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