Essay On Fearless Conqueror – King Alexander

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Essay On Fearless Conqueror – King Alexander

Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia is considered as one of the greatest conquerors in the history of the world. He was only 33 years old when he died in Babylon about 2000 years ago. It is believed that during his short life span he succeeded in finding nearly 70 cities. He is looked up as an important personality in world history. He was a fearless conqueror.

King Philip, Alexander’s father was killed in 359 BC. After his death, Alexander ascended the throne and became the King of Macedonia. He was only 20 when he became King. He was trained for warfare by his father. There were riots in his kingdom after his father’s death. Soon he succeeded in crushing them. Due to his great military genius, he succeeded in conquering many parts of the civilized world.

In 334 BC, he attacked and conquered Persia. Next was Egypt. He established a beautiful city called Alexandria. Due to his bravery, he became the King of Macedonia, Persia, Greece and Egypt. He along with his army succeeded in capturing Samarkand, Khyber Pass and Afghanistan. However, it took nearly 25 years.

He invaded India by passing through Hindu Kush. Ambi the King of Takshashila welcomed Alexander and accepted his reign. However, Alexander’s army had to face severe opposition King from the brave Indian armies. One of them was Porus who was a freedom lover. He ruled a state. which lied between Chenab and Jhelum rivers. He was ready to face Alexander. A brutal battle was fought between them. Porus fought fearlessly but he lost due to rain. Alexander was impressed by his courage and love for his land. Thus, he decided to return the state won by him.

Alexander succeeded in reaching Ganga River but soon his soldiers refused to march farther. They wanted to return to their land. They were away from their homes for nearly ten years. They were homesick. Alexander did his best to inspire them, but failed. While returning home, Alexander died in 323 BC due to very high fever.

Growth of India’s trade with trade with the foreign lands increased after Alexander invaded India. Communication between India and Greece became strong. Indian art and sculpture was greatly influenced by Greek sculpture. Alexander’s invasion led to the founding of Gandhara School of Art. Thus, slowly India came across different countries of the world.

Essay On Fearless Conqueror - King Alexander


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