Essay On Importance And Uses Of Electricity

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Essay On Importance And Uses Of Electricity

About six hundred years ago, people had a very crude idea of electricity. It was American scientist Benjamin Franklin, who proved with the help of a kite that there was an electric power in the clouds. The lightening is nothing but the discharge of electricity that the clouds contain. Electricity is no longer a strange thing. It is a part of our life. Machines cannot run without electricity. Mainly there are four main areas where electricity is used. They are industry, public health, media and transportation.

The present age is the age of electricity. We find various uses of electric power. The huge factories and heavy industries are run by electricity. Railway trains, buses and ships are moved by electric power. X-ray machines enable doctors to take photographs of internal parts of the body so that the surgery can be carried out.

Surgical treatments are carried out with the help of powerful electric lights. Machines like radios and televisions work with the help of this power. Electric power is used in lighting the roads, houses, etc. The cold storage has been possible owing to electric power. Hospitals and multiplex are air-conditioned only with the help of electricity. Electricity makes our life happy and comfortable. Most of our everyday utilities cannot work without electricity. Hence, the uses of electricity are numerous.

Invention of electricity led to the invention of bulbs, computers, etc. Moreover, electricity has given birth to assembly line. Today, several things are manufactured constantly with the help of electric machines. This has saved a great amount of time and money. Electricity is even essential for daily transportation. Traffic signals could be discovered only with the advent of electricity. This is a great contribution to the safety of people on the streets.

Another area in which electricity has made its great influence is media in both communication and entertainment. Take telephones for examples. It requires electricity to operate. With the help of this device, we can talk to our family and friends at a great distance. Similarly, televisions enable everyone to see what is happening at the other side of the globe. Without these speedy means of communications, many businesses would have come to a halt. More significantly, electricity makes entertainment possible, creating a much more interesting and attractive world. Since the invention of electricity, the number of books released has been noticeably increasing. Therefore, the utility of electricity has not only brightened our homes but also our heads.

In India, much more electricity is needed to work out ambitions projects. We have enough scope in our country to install a large number of power plants. Briefly, the importance of electricity in our daily routine is undeniable. However, the demand for it is increasing because more and more people are using it. As a result, everyone should attempt to reduce the unnecessary consumption of electricity by using it more resourcefully.

Essay On Importance And Uses Of Electricity


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