Essay On If I Were the Prime Minister of India

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Essay On If I Were the Prime Minister of India

I know very well that to become the Prime Minister of India is not that easy. Since I have never taken any part in politics, nor I have any affiliations with any political party, it is almas impossible for me to become the Prime Minister of India.

Still, I think there is no harm in imaging myself to be the Prime Minister of India. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I’d do a lot of good work for the people.

I do not mean to say that others who have been the Prime Ministers of India, haven’t done anything in this connection. But, I think, there is no end to doing good as doing good like everything good and truthful, is infinite.

First of all, I’d give attention to India’s defense, to In as without being a strong country India cannot make much progress and hold her head high in the comity of nations.

Defence preparedness needs a lot of money other resources. Unless there is a strong industrial base in a country, it cannot dream to be a powerful nation even in the matter of defence. So, I’d try to set up a base for heavy and important industry in the country.

Industrialization on a large-scale will also boost up exports and the country will become rich. India is predominantly an agricultural country. Much of its industry depends on agriculture. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to give impetus to agriculture.

Both agricultural and industrial growth will also provide innumerable jobs and thus the problem of unemployment will be solved to a great extent.

The most baffling problems of India are the population ex-plosion, poverty, illiteracy, poor medical facilities, etc. I’ll pay full attention to all these problems and bring as many reforms as possible to get rid to these problems.

I’ll streamline and overhaul certain crucial systems such as taxation system, banking system, education system, childcare, etc.

Much more can be said and done in the context of the topic, but let’s hope for the best as one drop of practical work is better than oceans of theoretical work. Instead of making false and rosy promises, I’ll f2ocus more on real and practical work.

Essay On If I Were the Prime Minister of India

Essay On If I were the Prime Minister of My Country

How I wish I were the Prime Minister of my country! I have so many schemes in mind for the upliftment and development of my country. If I were the Prime Minister, I would put into practice all the following schemes.

In the first place, my country is very poor. Millions of people live in extreme poverty. I would take all steps to do away with poverty. I would see to it that the poor were able to lead a decent life. They would not lack any of the necessities of life food, clothing and shelter. I would also have schemes for the improvement of national health. Then my people would be happy and healthy.

Another great drawback in our country is ignorance and illiteracy. Many people do not know how to read and write. I have plans to educate the people and make them responsible citizens. Next I, would impose heavy taxes on the rich and use the money to help the nation. It is not fair that a few rich people should live in luxury and the rest should be extremely poor. My aim is to do away with the great disparity in income that exists at present between the rich and the poor.

I would severely punish those who take bribes or are black marketers. Corruption would be stamped out altogether.

Another aim of mine is to make our country self sufficient and self-reliant. I know that we cannot rely on ourselves for everything. Yet I would make people realise that we should depend on ourselves as far as possible.

Though I believe in peace and non-violence, I would strengthen my country’s defences. We must be prepared to defend ourselves in case of foreign attack. I would have compulsory military training for all boys up to the age of twenty-one. Then we will never be taken unawares. We will be able to meet and successfully repel all foreign attacks.

I have many more plans for the development of my country. It is only lack of space that prevents me from mentioning them all here.

Essay On If I Were the Prime Minister of India


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