Essay On I Wish I Were An Examiner

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Essay On I Wish I Were An Examiner

I am a student and I have many complaints against the examiners. They never seem to understand the position that the students are in. We have to work day and night throughout the year to perform well in the examination. We try to write best to score good marks. We try to write answers of all the questions. We make every hard effort to perform well in examination. However, what happens? The examiner does not appreciate what we write and how we write. Sometimes we may have to put yet another year of our life to study the same lessons.

I being a student do not have the abilities or the qualities required to be an examiner. However, if something like that happens and magically I am given an opportunity to be an examiner, I would make sure that all the questions are set from the course book. Sometimes some examiners set certain questions which the students are not expected to know their answers as they are out of the syllabus. I would never twist the questions in order to confuse the students. I believe that this will not help them to create interest in their studies.

I shall be very careful while framing the question paper. Sometimes even brilliant and well-prepared students find it difficult to perform well in the examination. This happens because questions set are above the level of the students. I will therefore understand the limits of the students and set questions accordingly. I will make sure that the students who understand the textbook pass with good marks.

Giving deserving marks to the answers is a job that requires greater talent and experience on the part of the examiner. I shall make a detail examination of the answers.

I shall be little generous while judging the students. Sometimes students do not write the type of answers that are expected by the examiner. Different students may write different answers due to personal likes and dislikes. It also depends on the nature of a student. This mainly happens in questions on stories, poems, plays or while writing essays and letters. Different students look different things according to their own personal beliefs and thoughts. For me if the students have written satisfactorily, than I would not hesitate to reward them with good marks.

Thus, as an examiner, I shall neither be very firm nor, narrow-minded, strict and partial. I will never show a feeling of more support for a particular student in a way that is unfair. My job will be that of a careful, liberal and supportive examiner.

Essay On I Wish I Were An Examiner


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