Essay On If I Were the President of India

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Essay On If I Were the President of India

The President’s position is a position of responsibility. The man who becomes the President of India is supposed to be commanding the love and loyalty of all. He is expected to be above party politics. Though his position is the highest one, yet he is to take himself as the first and foremost servant of the people. His life is not simply a bed of roses in which he may be comfortable and do nothing. Indeed, if I become the President of India, I would actively serve the people, go in their midst and live as one of them. Considerations of dignity and position should not come in the way of service.

I would do my best to exercise my personal influence on my government as well as the public to serve the country and to make it progressive. I would see to it that my government implements the welfare schemes and becomes a Welfare State.

I would fill the people e with new life and enthusiasm. I would try to represent the spirit and culture of India by my personal way of living and working. It would be my first effort to be a model in service: Service, I would regard as the best and the only ornament of the President. I am fully aware that the President has manifold duties and I can only wish and pray that I shall prove worthy of performing them all properly.

People say ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’. No doubt, it is true, Nevertheless, I wonder if there is any possibility of uneasiness if one performs one’s duties sincerely and honestly. On the other hand, there is spiritual satisfaction in the fact that one did one’s work as one could and left the world better than one found it at one’s birth.
If I become the President of India, I would certainly and resolutely tread along the thorny path of my duty confidently, my motto shall be Service is its own reward.

Essay On If I Were the President of India


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