Essay On A River in Flood

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Essay On A River in Flood

Floods are common in India. They occur during the rainy season. Water overflows the banks and spread far and wide. They cause great loss of life, cattle-head, money and property. They are one of the greatest havocs of Nature. I had a very painful experience of the flood.

There was unusual rain in Northern India last year. The river Beas flows at a distance of about two kilometres from my village. One night, its waters came to our door-steps. We were awakened from sleep by our neighbours. The compound wall of our house had collapsed. The whole of the village was under knee-deep water.

We were faced with a difficult decision. Life was precious. It had to be saved. But the thought of leaving behind our goods was painful. We shouted to the still sleeping people to follow suit. We groped our way through the darkness. We reached a raised platform. We spent that night of terror on that high platform. We were without shelter.

At day break, we saw water all around. We saw some people of our village sitting on the roofs and tree tops. Dead bodies of men, women, children and also animals were seen floating. Snakes were coiling round the dead bodies. We saw broken pieces of furniture floating here and there. The crops were all ruined.

At about noon, a rescue party arrived. It had brought food and clothes for the suffering people. They lowered boats in the flood waters to pick up those on the roofs and tree tops. This relief work continued for several days. We were taken to a camp.

On returning after two weeks, we found that our houses had been washed away. We could find no household articles.

Various voluntary organisations came with help. The government also started relief work. It was with their financial help that we started life afresh.

Essay On A River in Flood
Essay On A River in Flood


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