Essay On If I Were the Education Minister

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Essay On If I Were the Education Minister

If, by God’s grace, I become the Education minister of my State, I would do my best to introduce the following reforms:

Our present system of education is old and hackneyed. It produces cheap clerks. Creative type of education is the crying need of the hour. An ideal system of education is the backbone of democracy. I shall introduce free elementary education for one and all. I shall also explore the avenues of making secondary education free. I shall introduce mass education in my State through films and the radio. I shall introduce creative and constructive type of tests in place of the present system of examination which is a huge fraud played upon our young men.

I shall make military training compulsory for boys as well as girls. The country’s defence is not only the concern of the army but also that of all young men and women.

England, America and Russia have become the richest and most powerful countries of the world through technical education. As Education Minister of the State, I shall start first rate technical schools and colleges all over the State. Technical education will be given a technical bias. Students will earn while they learn. They will no longer be a burden on their parents.

Character-building will be made a part and parcel of education. Every scholar’s behaviour, conduct and character will be strictly watched and a secret report regarding all these will be made to the authorities by the teachers and the professors concerned.

I shall see that the relation between the teachers and the taughts are most cordial and harmonious. I shall further see that in coeducational institutions the boys look upon girls as their sisters and do not harass them in any way

These days teachers are ill-paid. They cannot make both ends meet. They do not command respect. As the Education Minister I would raise the pay scales of teachers and try to raise their social status in all possible ways.

Some of the teachers do not learn their subjects thoroughly. They are ignorant of the day-to-day growth of their subjects. I shall send all teachers for a refresher course during the long summer vacation every three years. These are the things I would attempt to do as the Education Minister of my State.

Essay On If I Were the Education Minister


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