Essay on My Favourite Teacher

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Essay on My Favourite Teacher: The teacher is that person in our life, who teaches us many other important things and good education. A teacher means a lot to his students, and it plays a very important role in our lives from the initial stage of development until we mature. He turns us and our future towards making us responsible citizens. Today we will see an essay on my favorite teacher.

Set 1: Essay On My Favourite Teacher

Of all the teachers who teach me, I like Mr. Mehta the most. He is my mathematics teacher.

He has a pleasant appearance. He is of medium height and sound built. His dress is neat and simple. He has a kind word and a ready smile for everyone.

Mr. Mehta is honest and just. He treats all of us alike. He has no favourites, He is kind but firm. He does not like us to tell lies. He wants us to work hard and be successful in life.

He has his subject at the tips of his fingers. He makes his subject very interesting. We all listen to him very attentively. He sees to it that all of us understand his teaching. He pays much attention to those who are slow in understanding mathematics. He is truly devoted to his pupils and his subject.

We all like him because he is a lovable person and also because he is a good teacher. Such teachers are not to be found very easily.

My Favourite Teacher
My Favourite Teacher

Set 2: Essay on My Favourite Teacher

A teacher is regarded as the builder of a nation. A student comes across several teachers during school years. Each teacher has a different style and approach to teaching. Although all the teachers are equally good, there is one teacher whom I admire and like the most. Her name is Mrs Anita Prakash. She is our class teacher. She teaches us English and History. She loves the subject that she teaches. Everyone in the class likes her very much.

She holds the most pleasing personality among all other teachers. She is tall, slim, and very fair. For me, she is an ideal guru. She possesses all the qualities that a good teacher is expected to have. Under her training and guidance, even the weakest students have shown gradual improvement. When I was promoted to her class, I used to find essay writing and memorizing historical dates very difficult. Mrs. Anita Prakash slowly made it so easy with her tips that now I neither find it difficult in writing essays nor remembering historical dates.

I have great respect for all my teachers, but yes, I have a special fondness for Mrs. Anita Prakash. She is a woman of principles. She takes a keen interest in making the students understand the subject. She is a woman of a calm temper. She is courteous and kind-hearted. She is firm and never tolerates indiscipline. She has great knowledge of her subjects. She is always ready to help her students who are in difficulty. I have improved my grammar skills because of her sincere efforts.

Mrs. Anita Prakash is very confident while teaching in the class. Her voice is clear and loud. What she says is clearly heard. She is punctual, neatly dressed, and disciplined. She is a great blend of kindness and strictness. She encourages the class to take part in healthy discussions relating to the subject. This helps in increasing the curiosity and interest to know more about the subject. I have never found losing her patients with those students who are slow in grasping their studies.

She does not merely read from the book. The best part I like about her teaching is that she also narrates interesting historical stories during the historical period. Sometimes she even conducts quizzes and other educational games in the class. This helps us in developing our vocabulary and interest in the subject.

Mrs. Anita Prakash is my favourite teacher in the true sense. She is the real example to follow. In the next standard, she will not teach us English and History. All of us shall miss her badly, especially I. However, I admire her the most and hope to be like her when I grow up.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher
Essay on My Favourite Teacher

Set 3:Essay On My Class Teacher

In today’s education system, different teachers teach different subjects to a particular class. So the students come in contact with many teachers. All these teachers influence the students in some or another way. But the class teacher is the one who is in close contact with the students for most of the time. The class teacher
has to take the roll call regularly. She or he knows all the personal details of almost all the students in that class. So he or she understands them the best.

Mrs. Saroj Joshi is in charge of our class. She is tall, slim, and smart. She is very fare, with an attractive personality and long hair. She must be around 35 years old. She is soft-spoken but very strict as well. She never tolerates indiscipline and is never partial to anyone.

She teaches us Sanskrit. She has perfect command of the language. She makes the subject very interesting and teaches grammar very keenly. She explains the lessons with the help of a number of examples so as to make them clear and easy to understand. While explaining the shlokas she quotes the equivalent famous Marathi verses. She also tries to solve the personal problems of the students. She never wastes time sitting idle. She is always busy with some of the other activities.

Joshi madam is in charge of cultural events conducted in the school. She encourages the students to participate in various extracurricular activities. All teachers respect her. Our principal admires her working style. She is also a good poetess. Her poems are published regularly in the school magazine. I like those poems very much.

Students always score good marks in Sanskrit. She organizes school picnics and tries to improve our understanding of the surroundings. I am so influenced by this teacher that I wish to walk on her footprints and be a successful teacher. I like my teacher very much.

Set 4:Essay On My Class Teacher

Mr. Vaidya is my favourite teacher. Actually he is a favourite teacher not only mine but of a majority of students of the school. It is his kind, consideration and loving attitude towards his students which makes him such a favourite of all. He is so caring and so concerned about all and every body and about their problems.

“How are you? What is wrong with you? Why are you so upset, let me know?” These were the words which showed Mr. Vaidya’s concern for me. I told him, “Sir, today is the last date for depositing my fees and form for my final examination. If I don’t do it, my year would get wasted. I have not received the money order sent a week back by my father what am I to do” and tears rolled down my cheeks. Mr. Vaidya patted me on my back, ‘Oh, so that is the only thing good boy, do not get that upset for such a small thing” and he opened up his purse and handed over the me required amount for the fees. It was such a relief to me and I just touched his feet expressing my heartfelt gratefulness. ‘I will return the money as soon as I receive the money order, Sir’ – I said so and immediately Mr. Vaidya said “No, boy, don’t worry, you’ve been such a good student. You must do well at the examination your bright result would be the return of my money work hard and top the list” and Mr. Vaidya once again patted my back. How deeply touched did I feel.

It is not that Mr. Vaidya felt concerned about me. He has the concern for all his students. He takes personal interest in solving even the family problems of his students. The father of a student suffered an accident and had to be admitted to the hospital. Mr. Vaidya came to know of it and he was there at the hospital to visit the patient and make anxious enquiries about his health. One of his old students was the surgeon at the hospital. He particularly contacted him to ask him to look after the father of the boy with special care. Mr. Vaidya’s old student, the surgeon had all the regard for his old teacher – his respected teacher.

If while waiting for the bus at the bus-stand, it began to drizzle, Mr. Vaidya would open up his umbrella and ask students standing there to come under it. How much concern he has for the welfare of his students really a great man Mr. Vaidya is.

It was not only this human side of his that made Mr. Vaidya a favourite teacher. As a teacher of his subject, he was the best. He knew his subject so well and more than that the way he explained the difficult topics in such a lucid way, which made him such a respected teacher. He would never be late in coming to his class and would straightway begin with the lesson of the day – he may cut some pleasant jokes, sometimes indulge in telling unwanted stories. He never wasted any minute of his and students listened to him in rapt attention. ent but would never .

It was all that respect for him which made students so attentive and disciplined. He never had any problem with that. Incidentally this was my last year at the school and Mr. Vaidya was also retiring the same year. At the close of the session after the final examinations were over, a grand farewell party was arranged by the students and teachers. The Principal, in his speech paid glowing tributes to Mr. Vaidya for the qualities of his head and heart. Students who came to speak their voice choked with emotion; words failed them and at the close of the function there was such a rush of students coming up to touch Mr. Vaidya’s feet to receive his blessings. Mr. Vaidya himself was full of emotion on this last day of his at the school which he had served with such a dedication and devotions.

That was Mr. Vaidya who else can be more favourite a teacher than he.


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