Essay On A Visit to the Circus

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Set 1: Essay On A Visit to the Circus

It is always very exciting when a circus comes to town. It attracts large crowds of people, young and old, as there are many exciting performances to watch.

Like every year, the Gemini Circus was set up at the Park Circus Maidan. A huge tent was erected on the big open grounds. The whole area was brightly lit with colourful lights and it looked like a fairy land.

Everyday, there were two shows, one at noon and the other in the evening. My parents took us to the circus on a Sunday evening. We went early to get good seats. The tent was filled to capacity and there was a buzz all around, till suddenly the band started playing and four dwarf clowns played tricks on each other. The young acrobats – boys and girls, thrilled us with their daring feats on cycles, tightrope and the trapeze. The most thrilling was the gusto n motor cyclist in his act called “The Well of Death”. The lions, tigers, elephants and horses performed some wonderful tricks, with the help of their trainers, and to the beat of the music.

Set 2: Essay On A Visit to the Circus

The show lasted for two hours and it was the most wonderful hours I ever spent.

The Gemini Circus came to our town. The Circus people set up their big tent and took about a week to prepare themselves to give their shows. They attracted everyone’s attention with the big posters they put up and also advertisements in newspapers and television channels. We worried our father to take us to the circus.

One evening we went to the Circus. There were crowds of people. There was much noise and excitement. At first some acrobats entered the ring and performed some skillful feats. Then came the clowns in their funny dress. They wore very baggy trousers and pointed caps. Their cheeks were painted with bright patches of red.

Their faces looked as if they had been given a coat of whitewash. The clowns jumped about and imitated the acrobats. People roared with laughter to see the funny acting of the clowns.

There were many other feats performed by animals. Dogs jumped through fiery hoops, and elephants balanced themselves by standing on round spheres. Lions and tigers obeyed their trainer and did what they were ordered to. Monkeys, camels, zebras and horses also played their parts to make the show a success.

A delicate little girl walked across a tight wire and held an umbrella gracefully in her hand. Daring feats were performed by trapeze artistes high up, close to the roof of the tent. They jumped from one trapeze to another without falling off. A big net was spread out below to catch them in case they fell down. Two people rode a motor-cycle faster and faster along the inner sides of the globe of death. We enjoyed the treat of chocolate, popcorn and ice-cream during the circus show.

The show was interesting and enjoyable. But we felt sorry for the artistes in the show. They lead a risky life. They could lose their lives any time during a performance. Theirs is a wandering, strenuous and dangerous life. Theirs too is a life of service and very worthy of admiration.

Set 3: Essay On A Visit to the Circus

bus Last year in December, the great Gemini Circus came to Delhi. They pitched their tent in the Parade ground opposite the Red Fort. The authorities of the company announced their arrival by putting up banners all over Delhi. As I had never been to any circus before, my father decided to take me to see it on the coming Sunday.

We reached the parade ground by bus at 6.00 p.m. The big tent was beautifully decorated and the music attracted the visitors who crowded the booking windows. Luckily, we had bought the tickets in advance. Therefore, we hurriedly entered the tent arena where all the acts and feats were to b be shown. A few clowns, were sitting in the arena and entertaining the people with their gimmicks. The band was playing some famous tunes. At 6.30 p.m. the show started and all the artists introduced themselves by marching around the arena.

First of all a few smartly dressed girls and boys came. They were acrobats. They showed us their breathtaking feats on the trapeze. Then came the gymnasts who performed some wonderful feats.

After this four horses galloped in. They were followed by four riders who jumped on to the backs of the galloping horses and showed us various amazing feats.

Then came the weight lifters. One of them picked up as much as 2000 kg. of weight with great ease. He also made an elephant stand on him. The motor cyclist showed his tricks in the well of death. There was absolute silence in the tent during his performance.

For the last item, iron bars were fixed around the arena to change it into a big cage. Lions were brought into the arena by the ring master who had a whip in his hand. These lions performed tricks at the command of the ring master. He made them jump through a ring of fire. In the end, a space rocket was fired. We enjoyed every item of the circus and returned home thrilled.

Set 4: Essay On A Visit to the Circus

I like circus show very much. Last Month The Gemini Circus came to our town. It brings actors, acrobats and performers from various parts of the country. They perform tricks that attract everybody and people like to visit the circus again and again.

We reached the circus gate at 4.00 pm and purchased our tickets for the entrance. We sat down with our packets of chips and pop-corn, when all of a sudden we heard the loud trumpeting of an elephant.

An acrobat sat on the elephant’s back. She suddenly began to perform on his back; she would turn around and sometimes stand on her head or on one hand. The horse was trotting around on the ring.

The jokers cheered us all up a lot. They were dressed in colourful clothes and their faces were painted with beautiful colours which made them look very funny.

The gymnasts performed for an hour. The bodies of these gymnasts are very supple and it is amazing to see them moving their body as through it were rubber. There are lions that were so tame that even I felt like going and giving them a pat on their back. They were gentle and their trainer had full control over them.


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