Essay On The Horrors of War

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Essay On The Horrors of War

War is a great evil. It brings only misery and unhappiness to human beings.

War deprives people of their peace of mind. They live in constant suspense. War also leads to destruction of human life and property. Many soldiers are killed on the battle field. But civilians too are not safe. When bombs are thrown civilians die and houses, bridges and important installations are blown up. There is personal and national loss of property.

War brings about a disruption in the normal life of the people. Most of the young men join the army. Few are left to do civilian jobs. Few normal Occupations can be carried on in war time.

War is a waste of man power and national funds. Countless young men lose their lives in a war. Women and children too are killed in bombings. National funds which could have been used for public welfare are diverted to the war effort. They are used to purchase arms and ammunition. A country cannot improve and progress during a war.

War is shattering in yet another way. It ruins the lives of those who are crippled or maimed in the battle field. Those who have lost their arms or legs, have to start life all over again. They have to be rehabilitated. The battlefield itself is a gruesome sight. Some of the soldiers are blown to bits by shells and machine guns. Others lie wounded and helpless. There are moans and groans coming from all directions.

War is bad even in its after effects. Innumerable families become homeless, many lose their breadwinners. Others become neurotics or nervous wrecks. War imposes an additional burden on the country. People have to pay extra taxes to make up for losses suffered during a war. Considering all these horrors and disadvantages, we realise that war is a foolish thing.

Essay On The Horrors of War


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