Essay On Why India Is Called A Land Of Several Cultures

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Essay On Why India Is Called A Land Of Several Cultures

India is a country of many cultures. Religions, languages, music, food, dances, customs and traditions differ from place to place. Indian culture is a mixture of various subcultures. According to historians and experts, Indian culture is the oldest in world. It dates back to 8000 BC. It has a rich history since the time of the Vedas.

Traditional Indian dressing style varies across different parts of the country. It is vastly affected by local culture. General styles of dress include clothes such as sari for women and kurta, lungi and dhoti for men. Showing skin and wearing short clothes is not supported by Indian culture. Usually, red bindi or sindoor is used by the married Hindu women.

Indian dances have various folk forms. Among the well-known folk dances are lavani of Maharashtra, bhangra of Punjab, odishi of Odisha, the dandiya and garba of Gujarat, the ghoomar of Rajasthan, etc.

Namaste is a common spoken greeting or welcome word in the Indian culture. It is also known as namaskar, namaskarai, namaskaram and Vanakkam in different languages and religions. Saying Namaste shows one’s deep respect to other person. In Indian culture, Namaste is also written at the beginning of the letters. Hands folded sign is made without a word when we want to say goodbye to others. Thus, Namaste is a unique greeting, which shows important spirit of Indian culture.

For centuries, arranged marriages have been the custom in Indian society. Even today, many marriages are arranged by the parents and elders. Such matches are made after examining one’s religion, castes, age, height, background of the family, etc.

Family values play an important part in the Indian culture. In joint family, people happily live together with their grandparents, parents, children, uncles, aunties, etc. They share joys and sorrows together. Usually, the eldest male member is the head in the joint family. He makes all the important decisions. Other members of the family happily follow his rules and decisions.

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Many religious societies and cultures live together. Different cultures and habits are followed in Indian such as foods, festivals, religions, celebrations, family values, etc. These practices have deeply influenced people all over the world. Our unity in diversity has given India a special position in the global community. Not many nations in the world can be proud of having a population so diverse yet so closely connected.

Essay On Why India Is Called A Land Of Several Cultures


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