Essay On My Neighbours

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Essay On My Neighbours
Essay On My Neighbours

Set 1: Essay On My Neighbours 350 Words

My father was allotted a house by his office in Shivaji Nagar. So we all shifted here six months back. Our residence is near the bus stand. This area is very calm and comfortable. The colony also houses a government school and local market. Our house is on one corner of the road. This road divides the colony into two parts. Mr. Shinde stays just opposite our house. He is originally from Mumbai. Mr. Shinde has two daughters and a son. He is a very nice person. His wife is a school teacher. The entire family is very friendly and we keep on visiting each other’s house.

Immediately above us lives a Sindhi family. It is a combined family consisting of the grandparents, the husband and the wife, and their two daughters. They are very rich and religious. The girls study in a public school.

Mr. Gupta is our immediate neighbour. His age is around 55 years. He is the principal of a Central school. He is highly respected in the colony. People go to him to seek his advice regarding educational matters. He has two sons and a daughter. All of them are doing their graduating.

A senior officer, Mr. Joshi living just opposite our house is around 35 years old. He is a very jolly and cheerful person. He has one daughter and two sons. Both, Mr. Joshi and his wife are doctors. All the residents of our society go to him when they are sick. They work in a big, renowned hospital.

Mr. Kulkarni lives downstairs. He owns four cars and a few buses too. He has a transport business. The family has been staying here for thirty years. He has two sons and a daughter. He is originally from a small town near Pune. Mr. Kulkarni is very religious. The family celebrates a yearly festival with great joy and pleasure.

In short, all the residents of our society are very well-mannered, well-behaved, and composed. They are always ready to help each other in case of difficulty. We are very fortunate to get such good people as neighbours.

Set 2: Essay On My Neighbours 500 Words

One can select friends, but cannot select neighbours. We cannot expect to have neighbours of our liking and choice. I know that good and helpful neighbours can become a very important part of one’s life.

I live in a building having two floors. Almost all of my neighbours care and respect each other except one or two of them. My neighbours are good, calm people and get along very well with us. Most of my neighbours have children. They are good friends of mine. After our studies, we all play together in the evening. I really like them for being my neighbours.

I stay on the first floor of the building. Four families stay on my floor. All belong to different religions. Next to my house lives Mr. Irani who is ahead cashier in a bank. He always mixes with others and gives them advice over money matters. His wife is very proud. She does not like to mix with other neighbouring women. Then there is another neighbour Mr. Firoz, who is an author. He loves to write books all the time. He has a shy nature and does not like to mix with others. His wife is a loving and kind-hearted woman. She loves children. She freely mixes with other women in the neighbourhood. Sometimes she gives us storybooks to read.

Just next to my door lives a trailer with his daughter. He is a slim and very tall man. He likes to talk and crack funny jokes. His daughter studies in standard tenth. My friends and I call her ‘Didi”. She is good at mathematics and science. Sometimes she helps us with our studies.

Opposite to our flat lives Miss Porbunderwalla with her very old mother. She works in some office. She is always in haste while leaving for the job. She dresses beautifully and uses a matching purse. She comes late at night, sometimes after nine o’clock. She seems to be a hardworking person.

If any of my neighbours have prepared special food on holidays or Sundays, we take it to each other’s house. This helps in increasing love unity and affection between us. We all come together and celebrate different festivals. Whenever there is a good occasion, we invite each other to our places. Once we also went to a picnic.

Above my flat, Mr. and Mrs. Gotala stay with their children. No one other than this family lives on the second floor. Mr. Gotala always dresses shabbily. He is a very noisy and rowdy fellow. We hear him screaming at his children. His wife is also an uncultured woman. She never speaks politely. We like to keep a distance from this family.

Besides a couple of neighbours, my neighbourhood is filled with fondness, high regard towards each other, care, and unity. I am lucky to have such loving neighbours. At times, I think that neighbours are my nearest relatives.

Essay On My Neighbours

Set 3: Essay On My Neighbours

I live in a four-storey building, so I have many neighbours. It is important to have neighbours, whether they are good or bad, as they are necessary for our lives.

The Dalal family are neighbours who live opposite me. Mr Dalal is a good gentleman. He is kind and sympathetic and ever ready to lend a helping hand to people in the building. He works DIE TIE as a clerk in a private company. He has a son, Manav, and a daughter Meena. Manav and I study in the same school and in the same class, so we always exchange notes. Both Manav and Meena are very polite and well-mannered. On holidays we play some indoor games together.

Mrs Dalal is a very simple and humble lady. She loves me very much and treats me like her own son. She is good-natured and does not lose her temper. and keeps her She looks after her children wh house neat and clean. She is friendly with my. mother and also with the other ladies in the building. I find it very amusing when Mrs Dalal and my mother exchange cooking recipes of their favourite dishes.

It is a great blessing to have good neighbours like the Dalals, and a still greater one if we can live in harmony and good-will with each other.

Set 4: Essay On My Neighbour

Pandit Ram Dutt Sharma is a school master. He is my next door neighbour. He took up a rented house in our street last year.

He is a man of good nature. He gets up early in the morning. Then he goes for his morning walk. He never takes anything before his morning prayers. In the evening he goes to the temple for his evening prayers.

He is kind and sympathetic. He helps others. He is true to his words. He is honest and sincere. He obliges others. He speaks sweetly and softly. He never makes false promises. I never deceives others. He is friendly to all. He is always busy. He never speaks ill of others.

There are some minor flaws in him. He plays chess daily. He is a chain smoker. He spends much on films.

His behaviour towards me is good. He is my father’s friend. So he loves me. I also respect and obey him. He teaches me Hindi and Sanskrit at night.

Everybody has a good opinion about him: People respect him and call him “Panditji”. He is a successful man. He is highly practical. In my opinion, he is good neighbour.


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