Essay On My School Magazine

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Essay On My School Magazine

My school publishes its own magazine. It is called ‘Student Express’. It is printed in two versions which are English and Hindi. It comes out once a year. We eagerly look forward to get a copy of our magazine.

We are encouraged to contribute articles of short stories and poems in the language of our choice. Some of us also contribute photographs and drawings. Our teachers help us to edit the magazine. Three teachers are in charge of receiving the contributions in the three different languages.

A school magazine is useful. It helps parents and pupils to keep in touch with school activities, both academic and extra-curricular. Photographs of important visitors to the school are published. There is also a roll of honour consisting of the names and photographs of our prize-winners, that is scholars and those who are outstanding in extracurricular activities. Our various sports’ teams feel very proud to see their team photographs in the magazine, especially if they have won some interschool trophy. There are also photographs of individual winners of inter-school prizes for debating, elocution, athletics etc. Class photos of all the standards with the principal and the class teachers is also given.

A school magazine is helpful in another way too. It encourages self-expression on the part of pupils. It gives them confidence in their own work. Every school should publish its own magazine so that pupils might have an opportunity to express themselves in writing and be proud of their achievements.

Essay On My School Magazine


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