Essay On On Missing a Train

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Essay On On Missing a Train

My mother and I had to go to Baroda to attend my cousin’s wedding. My brother bought us tickets well in advance. We had only to go to the station and catch the train.

We hired a taxi and set out early for the station. When we were half way to the station, We realized that our ticket was at home. How could we travel without our ticket? we just had to return home for our ticket.

The driver took us back home. We picked up our ticket and we requested the driver to hurry to reach the station. He went at full speed. We were sure to get there in time.

Suddenly, he had to stop. Our way was blocked by a long line of traffic. It was a traffic jam. We watched helplessly as time passed. We were held up for fifteen minutes on account of the traffic jam. Then the driver rushed to the station as fast as he possibly could.

We reached the station two minutes before the train left. We picked up our suitcases, paid the driver and darted towards the platform. Alas ! it was too late ! As we arrived on the platform, the train was slowly leaving. We felt quite foolish as we watched the train depart.

We had missed the train because we had forgotten our ticket and on account of the traffic jam. We met one of my friends on the platform. When he found out what had happened to me he wished me better luck next time. He said he always made it a point to get to the station before time leaving nothing to chance. We decided we could do the same in future. Better luck next time. Now a days I always start at least an hour before time, if I have to catch a train.

Essay On On Missing a Train


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