Essay On Pleasure of Cycling

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Essay On Pleasure of Cycling

The bicycle was invented in France. The old bicycle was quite different from the present day bicycle. The bicycle consists of a pair of pedals, a pair of brakes and a handle.

Its solid tyres have been replaced by pneumatic tyres. They are made of Indian rubber. The wheels are revolved by the feet of the rider. His feet act upon the pedals. When the cyclist wants to stop the cycle, he draws in the brakes. The machine comes to to af dead stop. We can turn the front wheel either to TE bhe the right or to the left by handle. So we can give any direction to the machine.


We can go on our cycle where we like. We need to roads for this purpose though roads we more suited to cycling. As we travel along on cycle, we enjoy fresh air. Outdoor life provides us many advantages. New scenes meet our eyes. Our mind is free from the serious thoughts. We forget bitterness of life so long as we are on the bicycle.

Cycle is a boon to those who live in cities. They have many chances to enjoy the nature. They are quite strangers to the natural scenes. Many of them cannot go out of the town for many reasons. To these people the cycle is of great use. It enables them to go to the country. There they can enjoy beautiful scenes of nature.


Besides pleasures cycling teaches us something. When we travel on it the neighboring area of city, we learn something. We get opportunity to know the history and geography of places we visit..

Essay On Pleasure of Cycling


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