Essay On Water must not be Wasted

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Essay On Water must not be Wasted

Where the water, there is life. Our earth is the only known living planet because it has water. The other planets like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus etc. are lifeless because there is no water on them. Water creates a life supporting atmosphere thereby nurturing life.

Water is a natural resource. We need water for drinking, washing, bathing, cooling, cleaning, etc. It is used in factories, in fire-fighting and many recreational activities like swimming, boating, fishing and water sports. We need water for our farmlands, gardens and animals. Life is unthinkable without water.

It is only right to say therefore that water is a very precious commodity. It should not be wasted at all. In nature water is not lost but recycled again and again from the vast oceans to land. This is done in the form of rain and back to the oceans in the form of rivers. The water that we can use is only fresh and potable water. We cannot use sea-water nor wasted dirty water. The more water we waste the more scarce the supply of potable pure drinking water becomes. Therefore there is a very great need for water to be conserved.

All human beings as one should consider water as a precious gift of nature. All efforts must be made to avoid pollution of water because of which a lot of water is rendered as a useless waste. We cannot afford to waste to single drop of water. We must therefore work towards the preservation of water in every way we can .

Essay On Water must not be Wasted


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