Essay On The Autobiography of a Silk Sari

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Silk Sari

You see me here lying wet and shabby out in the sun. Though I am faded and torn, I have seen better days.

Innumerable silk worms helped to give me a start in life. The silken threads they spun were taken into a factory and woven into a beautiful fabric. This was later printed with a lovely design and made into a wonderful sari with a fine gold border and tassels. As a sari, I was proudly displayed, draped on a mannequin in a shop window. All the passers by stopped to admire me. A rich lady bought me for six thousand rupees.

I was happy to go home with her and live in her luxurious home. I had every comfort there. I had plenty of space in her big wardrobe. All her other saris in the wardrobe were jealous of me. I was very proud of myself. My mistress wore me to parties, where | dazzled people by my beauty.

My mistress made good use of me, I was her favourite sari. So I rendered her good service. Gradually the members of her family said that I had begun to look shabby. It was time she discarded me. I felt very sad to hear this, but what could I do? The time had come for her and me to be parted.

She gave me away to her maid-servant. The servant carried me away to her poor hut. Her children were thrilled to see me. Now I have nothing to look forward to. I am beaten and washed and worn on occasions by this maid. I have to lie for hours in the sun where I am put out to dry after being washed. What cannot be cured must be endured.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Silk Sari


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