Essay On The Autobiography of an Astronaut

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Essay On The Autobiography of an Astronaut

I am a wonder of modern science. I am an astronaut. People in the past never heard of astronauts. Only modern scientific progress has made space travel possible. Inter-planetary travel has become a reality today.

A few of us were chosen for training. We had a hard time during our training period. They tried to create the same conditions as we would find during our space flight. Our training took several months.

Meanwhile the government made elaborate preparations for our first flight. Millions of dollars were spent on building our space craft. Special suits were prepared for us to wear on our flight. Our families were very nervous at the thought of our going into space. We were all excited to think that we would visit another planet.

The day of our actual flight into space finally dawned. A large crowd assembled to see us take off. Everything went according to schedule. We took off exactly in time. We travelled at an incredible speed. We orbited the earth. We shot into space. After many hours of travel, we landed on the moon.

The moon was dusty, It had many craters. There was no sign of vegetation or human life on it. We collected samples of soil and rocks. We got ready for our return flight.

We set out on our return flight. We were in constant communication with the people on earth. We splashed down in the ocean. We were picked up by a ship. Our families were delighted to have us back. They had been praying fervently for our safe return. Our space flight was a thrilling and pleasant experience.

Essay On The Autobiography of an Astronaut


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