Essay On How Must We Behave In A Zoo?

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Essay On How Must We Behave In A Zoo?

A zoo is a place where many kind of wild animals are kept for the public to see. Here animals are also studied, bred and protected.

Animals need their space to live comfortably and peacefully. They are just as sensitive as humans are. Just as we do not like being showered with stones, teased, or attacked – an animal would not either. We must treat animals kindly. Maybe, we must treat them with more care and attention because they have natural fighting responses that can be dangerous to us. Our lack of awareness can also cause damage to us.

There are certain things that one must keep in mind while visiting a zoo. We must act decently in front of an audience. This will encourage animals to emulate our behaviour. We must familiarize ourselves with the behaviour patterns of animals by reading about them as well as watching different animal shows on television. We must not feed, poke or make physical contact with animals in any way. We must break away from big groups and observe them in smaller groups of people.

Children should not tease animals in the zoo. They should not make strange sounds and tempt them with eatables. One should avoid getting too close to the enclosure or cage, especially of furious animals like tigers, lions and crocodiles. Animals should not be shown stick or any other object. Putting hands inside the cage to draw their attention is very dangerous. No efforts must be made to draw the attention of animals. This can make them angry. They may even try to attack us. Although animals like giraffes, deer, birds and insects are not dangerous for humans, we must maintain a certain distance from them. Close contact can lead to diseases passed on from animals to humans.

Children visiting zoos should always visit with their parents, elders or teachers. Instructions must be given to the children by parents and teachers about animal behaviour and the species they are observing. Taking their pictures especially with the flash on can make them uncomfortable. Talking loudly or shouting in the presence of animals must be completely avoided.

There are clear-cut guidelines when it comes to dealing with animals in a zoo. Throwing small pieces of rubbish or garbage such as papers, cans and bottles, feeding animals or teasing them are punishable acts. Most of the visitors are unaware of these conditions and misbehave with the animals. This not only troubles the caged animals but can also lead to life threatening situations. Zoo authorities need to install proper instructions or directions for first time visitors.

Essay On How Must We Behave In A Zoo


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