Essay On The Life of a Schoolmaster

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Essay On The Life of a Schoolmaster

A Schoolmaster has a full-time job. It takes up all his time both at home and in school. He cannot call his time his own.

A Schoolmaster is generally over-worked. He will have to teach large classes of about 50 or more students. He has to keep discipline and teach the students their lessons. Compared to the work he does, his pay is very low. He does not earn enough to support himself and keep his family in comfort.

He has to prepare all his lessons in advance. His teaching will not be successful if he does not take the trouble to prepare his lessons. Much of his time is spent in preparation.

He wakes up early and leaves for school. At school he has to be watchful and alert in keeping discipline. He must make good use of his eyes, his ears and his voice in teaching well. He must know how to deal with mischievous children, calmly but firmly. He must try to understand the difficulties of his pupils. He must sympathise with them. He must pay special attention to weak pupils. He must treat all his pupils justly and fairly. Then they will all respect and love him.

When he goes home, he will have to correct exercise books in composition and many other subjects. As his pay is not enough, he will try to earn some more by giving tuitions or private coaching.

Thus a Schoolmaster is busy all day long. He feels very tired after his day’s work and is happy to rest when night comes. Only those who love teaching should become Schoolmasters.

Essay On The Life of a Schoolmaster


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