Essay On A Railway Collision

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Essay On A Railway Collision

One of the worst railway smashes took place near Karnal. I have not forgotten it and will never forget it throughout my life.

There was nothing remarkable in the journey except the usual stoppages, hawkers crying at stations, passengers coming in and going out. Yet, in spite of all these disturbances the whole train was a sleeping mass of humanity moving on wheels. The smooth movement of the train acted as a sort of lullaby and some enjoyed the luxury of sweet dreams.

The train had covered a good deal of journey, so far uneventful. But at about four in the morning, when it was still dark, the crash came.

The station master at Karnal gave the line-clear signal and the goods train started. A little later he gave the line-clear signal to the Amritsar Mail standing at the station and going to Amritsar. The driver of the Amritsar Mail noticed a dim light at a short distance. He foresaw the danger he was in. He applied the brakes and stopped the train. He then gave a long whistle. He did all he could to avert a disaster but all his efforts proved futile. The driver of the goods train was stupefied with wine. He did not care for the whistle or the bright light.

The engines of the two trains ran into each other with a terrific sound that was heard miles away. The two engines struck against each other like two giants and were raised above the track. The boilers burst with a terrible noise. One engine broke into pieces. A few bogies behind the engine were thrown off the rails and badly smashed. Heart rending cries were heard. The passengers were buried beneath the luggage. About fifty passengers were found dead and many more were hanging between life and death.

The whole scene is still very clear in my mind and I am unable to forget it. The accident was certainly one of the most unfortunate events of my life.

I had never seen such a spectacle before, and I pray I may not have the misfortune to look upon such another again.

Essay On A Railway Collision
Essay On A Railway Collision


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