Essay On An Hour Standing at a Theatre

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Essay On An Hour Standing at a Theatre

It was a public holiday. Everyone was in a gay mood. I wanted to enjoy myself. I decided to stand near a theatre with my friend and watch the scene.

There was hardly any moving space. Crowds came out of the theatre as one show was over. The people were colourfully dressed. All were in a happy mood. They must have seen a good movie we presumed.

The long queues were slowly moving up towards the ticket counters. People wore a happy smile as they picked up their tickets and left the ticket windows. Soon the tickets were sold out. There were still a lot of people without tickets. A board was put up to announce that the House was full. The people were disappointed. They did not want to go home.

Seeing their disappointment, some people took them aside. They offered them tickets at high rates. They wanted their commission. They were black marketers. Some people accepted their offer. They were keen on seeing the movie. Some other people refused to buy tickets from the black marketers.

They decided to come some other day. They went back home. The people who had got tickets went in to see the film. Again the queues appeared to buy tickets for the next show. After having enjoyed the scene for an hour or so, my friend and I returned home.

Essay On An Hour Standing at a Theatre


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