Essay On When I Lost My Dog

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Essay On When I Lost My Dog

Last Sunday I experienced one of the worst incidents in my life. My dog Tiger and I had gone for a walk to the garden in the morning.

It was a bright sunny day and the garden was full of joggers and old people who are regular sights at the garden.

There were children who were busy playing various outdoor games and some loners were sitting under trees or close to the tombs and meditating.

Tiger and I decided to race each other in the garden. We set a point and started running. I was so busy trying to reach the “finish” point that I lost sight of Tiger who did not quite comprehend where he had to go.

He suddenly disappeared behind a bush. I rushed to the spot where I last saw him but to my despair I could not find him anywhere behind the bush.

I ran all around the place looking behind trees and in the bushes but I couldn’t spot Tiger anywhere. There were a few boys in the garden who were playing cricket.

They saw my state of panic and asked me what the problem was when I told them that I had lost my doy, they were extremely sympathetic and immediately came to my assistance.

They formed groups and we sent out a search party to locate Tiger. We looked in the tombs, we searched practically every patch of land but to no avail.

Finally I lost hope and was absolutely dejected. I decided to go home and lodge a complaint with the police and seek their help. My heart was heavy and my eyes filled with tears.

Soon they started rolling down my face and I kept wondering what Tiger’s fate might be. As I approached my house I saw a familiar figure huddled under the car which was parked outside the house.

I looked carefully and to my delight and relief I found that it was Tiger who had lost his way but had been clever enough to trace his way back home. Tiger licked my face and hands and we both went back into the house feeling happy once again.

Essay On When I Lost My Dog


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