Essay On An Hour at a Polling Station

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Essay On An Hour at a Polling Station


An Hour at a Place of Election

It was the day of the General elections. We had a holiday. So I went to watch the scene with my parents. There were a team of Police force as well as volunteers to keep a check on any kind of mishappening.

The place was quiet. Everything was peaceful. No canvassing and slogan shouting was to be done on the election day near the polling booth.

There were long queues of people awaiting their turn to cast their vote. All kinds of people, young and old, were in the queue. Mothers with small babies in their arms waited patiently for their turn to go into the polling booth.
| was astonished to see old, ailing and handicapped people coming to exercise their vote. One of them had to be carried because he could not walk.

It goes to show that all citizens are proud to vote. It is a right which they like to exercise when they get a chance to do so. I simply longed for the time when I too should come of age. Then I shall be able to cast my vote as a citizen.

All those who came out of the polling booth had a black dot on their index finger. The authorities take this precaution because the same person should not go to vote twice. Some people try to cheat and go to vote a second time in the name of someone else. Hence the polling officers can find out who has already voted and prevent him from voting again. The scene at the polling station was interesting to watch. I shall go to watch the scene again on the next election day.

Essay On An Hour at a Polling Station


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