Essay On Preventive Human Efforts of Reducing Global Warming

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Essay On Preventive Human Efforts of Reducing Global Warming

Global warming has become one of the world’s major problem of the 21st century. Men have done enough damage, knowingly and unknowingly by contributing to global warming. It is the need of the hour to make determined efforts to reduce global warming and help the ecosystem to recover. We must cautiously work to restore the ecological balance of nature.

Atmospheric pollution has to be controlled. Anything related to the release of the greenhouse gases should be checked. Deforestation should be avoided as it increases the level of carbon in the atmosphere. It is estimated that it takes nearly 19 trees to make one ton of paper. The usage of one ton of recycled paper will save about 17 trees.

The burning of wood should be reduced as it releases oxidize carbon in the atmosphere. Presence of carbon in greater amount leads to higher atmospheric temperature. Liquefied Petroleum Gas can replace the firewood burning. Bio gas plants can also be encouraged in villages.

The discharge of smoke from automobiles also leads to global warming. Fuel-efficient cars and biofuels must be used. Designs of the engine must be corrected or an electric car must be used.

By not wasting electric energy at home, we can avoid global warming to some extent. We must shut down electrical appliances when they are not in use. Energy efficient appliances must be bought. Solar energy, wind energy and hydro-electricity can be used. They help in reducing the atmosphere pollution.

Global warming occurs due to the unawareness of people and their carefree attitude towards the environment. Media can play an important role in educating people regarding global warming. It is wiser to educate children to be efficient consumers and be responsible users of energy and resources. They must be made aware that global warming is slowly destroying the Earth. People should be reminded that they share the Earth and its resources with the other species that keep the ecosystem in balance. If the balance is disturbed then the life of every single living thing is endangered. Even humans will not be spared from this.

Environment of our planet can be restored if we thoughtfully practice different ways of preventing the causes of global warming. Planting trees is a very good start that can help diluting the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. A single tree will absorb about one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. Global warming is a manmade cause. If we make certain small changes now in the way we live, we will succeed in avoiding hazardous changes in the future. Together we can make a difference! Scientists, Governments and common people are working together to overcome the threat of global warming.

Essay On Preventive Human Efforts of Reducing Global Warming


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