Essay On Changing Fashions

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Essay On Changing Fashions

Fashions are constantly changing. They never remain the same. Much money is spent by people to buy things that are of the latest fashion.

People follow fashion because they like novelty. The same old things do not please them. They like to be fashionably dressed so that people might notice them.

There is nothing really new about fashions. The same old fashions come back as new fashions after a number of years. For example it was the fashion for men in the 16th and 17th centuries to have long hair. Today the same fashion of long hair for men has come back. In the 19th century, the age of Queen Victoria, men used to keep side locks. Modern young men too keep long side burns. They wore tight trousers the which are once more commonly seen today.

Western fashions are becoming more and more popular with our young people. Girls are seen in mini skirts and maxis, in embroidered jeans and trousers.. Boys and girls tend to dress alike as they do in foreign countries. Boys have begun to wear all kinds of bright and colourful clothes as they did in the days of Queen Elizabeth I. Even in the matter of shoes fashions keep on revolving from pointed to square and round toe type of shoes and, back again in a cyclic form.

Man should not be the slave of fashion but its master. People should adjust fashion to suit them instead of blindly following any kind of fashion. They should try to follow fashion and yet be decently dressed. There is no sense in sacrificing one character for the sake off fashion.

Essay On Changing Fashions


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