Essay On A Visit to a Fair

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Essay On A Visit to a Fair

Recently a fair was held on an open ground near the railway station. A temporary fence was built all around the ground and temporary stalls were put for the exhibition of various articles. This fair was organized mainly to help the village industries to develop. The fair lasted for a week, and everyday hundreds of people visited the stalls.

The farmers had six stalls where they exhibited all kinds of vegetables, remarketable samples of carrots, radish, sweet potatoes and tomatoes of different sizes and colours.

At the next four stalls we saw apples, oranges, almonds, raisins and ground nuts of sizes we could hardly recognize. They were set out so beautifully in their different colours, that we could not help but admire them.

Local and Rajasthani pottery were spread out in the centre of the grounds. The shapes and colours were so good that a local artisan received the gold medal for his work.

Next were the stalls that displayed a variety of materials manufactured by the local weavers. The silk and muslin were light and had beautiful designs.

Blacksmiths and carpenters also displayed articles they had made especially for the fair.

At the end of the week, At the end of the week, the fair was a great success. buying and po success. Buying and selling of goods brought in lot of money for the village. My mother bought a silk saree, my father bought some garden tools and I bought a beautiful wooden aeroplane. I enjoyed myself at the fair.

Essay On A Visit to a Fair
Essay On A Visit to a Fair


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