Essay On A Tragic Accident

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Essay On A Tragic Accident

Accidents often occur when there is heavy traffic in a street. I once witnessed a tragic accident. It was during the peak hour in the evening.

A truck and a private car were involved in this accident. The truck came at full speed. It collided with a private car which was coming from the opposite direction. The windscreen of the car was smashed. The driver of the car was seriously hurt. He slumped forward on the steering wheel. He had become unconscious. He was bleeding profusely. His head was cut in several places. The jerk had made his head go clean through the windscreen. The people in the back seats of the car were also hurt, but not seriously. They had received minor injuries.

A crowd of people immediately surrounded the two vehicles. The driver of the truck opened the door of his vehicle, and tried to run away. The crowd gave chase, and managed to catch him. He was handed over to the police.
Meanwhile the main victim, the driver of the car, of the accident was still unconscious. The police took charge of the situation. They took statements from all the onlookers. They prepared a case against the truck driver.

Then the victim was put into a police van, and admitted to the hospital. God alone knows whether the victim recovered or not. He must have lost quite a lot of blood. I think that the police should not waste so much time in attending to details before reaching the victims to the hospital first. This delay might end in a tragic loss of life.

Now that the victim had been removed from the scene of the accident, the crowd dispersed. They had no further interest in the case. Accidents are generally caused by careless driving. People should be taught to drive carefully. Then there will be fewer accidents.

Essay On A Tragic Accident
Essay On A Tragic Accident


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