Essay On Children’s Day

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Essay On Teachers Day
Essay On Teachers Day

Set 1: Essay On Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November, on the birthday of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru – Our first Prime Minister. It is celebrated on his birthday because he had great love for children. Children too loved him a lot. They called him ‘Chacha Nehru’. Children celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

Cultural programmes are organised in the schools. In some schools teachers prepare cultural items to entertain the children. They are also told to step a head on the path of fearlessness as Chacha Nehru and to form as sound a character as him.

Set 2:Essay On Children’s Day

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, was a most popular national leader. He loved children very much. When he became our
Prime Minister, the nation celebrated his birthday on 14th November every year. Children were invited to national stadium to celebrate his birthday and he called this “Children’s Day”.

Pt. Nehru loved the company of children. With them, he felt as if he himself was a child and sometimes acted like one. He was called ‘Chacha Nehru’. and, Pt. Nehru presented his birthday to children even after his death, this day is celebrated as children’s day. On this day, children go to school, have a meeting and play games, have cultural programmes, songs are sung, plays are enacted, debated are held. All this is done and organised by children themselves at school.

Thus, the whole day is spent in merry making. There are no studies in schools. To-day’s children are citizens of tomorrow and they learn a lot by remembrance of this great man’s good deeds and his thoughts.

Now “Children’s day’ is celebrated in the memory of Pt. Nehru, a great statesman and a very learned person. He will always live in the memory of children all over the world.

Set 3:Essay On Children’s Day

Universally Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November, every year. It was first celebrated in 1954. Children’s Day is a special day for the children all over the world. In India, this day is observed on 14th November every year. This date marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of independent India.

Pandit Nehru was fond of children. He liked them a lot. He never acted as a national leader and the Prime Minister when he met children. He enjoyed passing time and playing with them. Children too, loved and respected him. Even they use to become happy when they passed time with their favourite Cha-cha Nehru. They fondly called him “Nehru Chacha” or “Cha-cha Nehru”.

On every 14th November, tributes are paid to Pandit Nehru for his sacrifices, achievements and peace efforts. It is believed that he started placing a rose on his jacket after a child pinned one on it. On this day, children all over the country are pampered with treats and gifts. It becomes a special day for students in schools. They are allowed to wear civil dresses instead of their uniforms. Snacks and sweats are distributed among them by their teachers.

Teachers put all their efforts to make children happy on this day. Some schools take their students for a movie or for some kids’ show. National programmes are organized by the children of the school to celebrate this day. Short plays are staged and national songs are sung by them. Different competitions like quiz, elocution, singing, drawing and fancy dress are held on this day. Children play, laugh and move around in a lively and happy way.

Speeches are given by the Principal and teachers. Students are encouraged to follow the footsteps of Pandit Nehru. They are inspired to act bravely, speak truth and sacrifice for the cause of their nation. Thus, this day is of great importance as children remember their national leader Chacha Nehru and learn more about his sacrifices and services for the development and progress of mother India.

Thus, one can say that Children’s Day is celebrated to remind every one of us our duty towards the well-being and healthy growth of children. This day teaches them to live by Cha-cha Nehru’s thoughts and dreams. Celebrating Children’s Day is about giving children the right to enjoy and grow into healthy atmosphere and become educated and responsible citizens of the country.

Set 4:Essay On Children’s Day

Young children are considered to be the wealth of every nation. That is why Pandit Nehru said that the wealth of any country is safe in schools, not in banks. Children are the future of this country. Children are the axis of a family, society, and nation.

Every year Children’s Day is celebrated all over India in memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It is a known fact that Nehru had immense love for children. He used to mix with children as if he was one amongst them. That is why all children used to call him ‘Chacha Nehru.’ He gave his birthday, 14th November as a gift to them to see a broad smile on their face. He loved their innocence, honesty, and kindness.

All schools celebrate Children’s Day by arranging events like debates, dances, songs, plays, essays, etc. The winners are given prizes. In Delhi, children gather at the National Stadium near the India Gate. They present group exercises, poems, cultural programs, etc. before the Prime Minister. He appeals to the children to serve the nation and follow the path that has been shown to us by Nehruji. In the end, the children are given roses, sweets, and prizes in his memory. Such types of programs are carried out in all other states also.

On Children’s Day, we should think about the welfare of children. The government should take strong actions to impart primary education to children. Firstly, child labor should be completely eradicated from this country. The teachers must be vigilant about the participation of students in various competitions. Children must be appreciated by giving prizes for their excellence in any field so that they are encouraged. There should be strong foundations on which the whole education system can stand firmly. The arrangements for Children’s Day should be done by keeping these things in mind. Children’s Day is as important as Independence Day and Republic day. On this day, we must get the co-operation from all citizens.

Essay On Children’s Day


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