Essay On Greenhouse Effect

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Essay On Greenhouse Effect

In 1827, J. Fourier first used the term ‘Greenhouse Effect’. It is also called global warming, atmospheric effect or Carbon dioxide problem. Greenhouse effect is a problem of the gradual rise in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is caused due to increase in harmful gases in the air surrounding the Earth, which traps the heat of the sun.

Greenhouse effect is the slow warming of the air because of the heat being trapped by environmental pollution. The major greenhouse gases are Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, Chlorofluorocarbon and Sulphur dioxide. Recently tri-fluoromethyl sulphur pent fluoride present at the height of 8 to 32 kilometres above the Earth’s surface is found to be thousands time more powerful in trapping atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Various causes contribute to greenhouse effect. The destruction and cutting down of tropical rain forests, increasing vehicles in cities, rapid growth of population, use of certain compounds in packaging and manufacturing of commercial products, use of detergents and environmental pollutions are the causes of greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide gas produced by the burning of fossil fuels and impurities like methane and other harmful gases cause greenhouse effect. In recent years, world’s climate is undergoing a significant change. It strongly indicates that the temperature of the world is increasing day-by-day. Climatologists believe that the greenhouse effect is the most likely cause of global warming.

The results of greenhouse effect are very disturbing and negative. There is a dangerous threat to the existence of humans, animals and plants. It is predicted that by mid of next century, average temperature of the world may rise by 4°C. This could reduce the ability of growing crops, may destroy or harshly damage wildlife, raise sea levels and thus, floods may occur. Rise in the level of seas can wipe away about one third of the Earth’s land. Moreover, low-lying areas and major coastal cities may be flooded.

Melting of polar ice leads to increase in radiation. Frozen ice is a good reflector of solar radiation. With the increase in temperature, soil becomes dry and useless. In cold places, smog is formed and in hot places, dust particles scatter sunlight. Thus, the process of photosynthesis can be affected. Increase in temperature will also extend the growing season for most of the crops. There can be shifting of animals and human beings, which may be a threat to their extinction, as they would not be able to adapt themselves to new conditions.

It is high time to take preventive measures to get rid of the greenhouse effect. More and more trees must be planted instead of cutting them down. It is our duty to prevent the environment from being spoil. To make life healthy and happy we should keep the environment clean and free from all kinds of pollutions. Alarming rate of population growth should be checked. Engines of the vehicles producing loud sounds and poisonous smoke from their exhaust pipes should be brought under control.

For our survival, we must add a strong voice to international support for release and control of greenhouse gases that are damaging the Ozone layer. Climate change may be the greatest challenge, the next generation will have to face.

Essay On Greenhouse Effect


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