Essay On Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths

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Essay On Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths
Essay On Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths

Essay On Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths

Cowards die many times before their deaths,’ is a proverb written by English dramatist William Shakespeare. It explains to us that cowards die many times in their life before they actually die. A person who is coward lives in continuous fear. Only by thinking about his death, do his heart and mind begin to tremble with fear. A coward believes that death is a huge giant who is always hanging over him.

It is not a sign of courage to hide and run away from the troubles in life. A coward must understand that death cannot be avoided. Natural disasters like earthquakes, famines, and floods make the coward shake with fear. He thinks that his death is near. He spends many sleepless nights. Moreover, due to wars, riots, and other conflicts, a coward further becomes a sacred act.

A coward sees everything in life doubtfully. He always lives in worry. If someday he is standing near a bus stop, suddenly he feels that the bus will crash at the bus stop and he will die. Even while walking on the street he remains very careful. He walks from the corner of the footpath. While crossing the road he is over-careful to avoid accidents that may cause him death. Imagination for death does not allow him to live happily and peacefully. If he receives the news of someone’s death, he feels relieved for his escape from death. Such is the outlook of a coward.

Those who are not cowards accept death gracefully. They are aware that death is a natural event. Such people accept death with courage.

No one whether rich or poor, young or old, king or beggar has overcome death. It is not false to say that death before time is a heartbreaking event. This can terrify many people. However, no one can challenge death. It is wise to adopt an accepting approach towards death rather than suffering the torturous imagination of death like a coward.

Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths


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