Essay On A Street Beggar

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Set 1: Essay On A Street Beggar

Street beggars are seen everywhere in our country. I find them begging at railway stations, bus stops, temp in streets, bazaars and at traffic-signals.

Some street beggars are very clever. They make the hearts of the people melt. People take pity on them and give them something.

They wear dirty and shabby clothes. They want money, clothes, grain, food or anything else. Some beggars beg in the name of God. Some street beggars are thieves who cheat people and steal their things. Some beggars are disabled. We should give alms only to the disabled beggars. We should not give anything to those beggars who are healthy but pose to be disabled. Healthy beggars can do work but they don’t want to. They get easy money by begging.

Sometimes they get more than the persons who earn their living by doing hard work for long hours.
Begging brings a bad name to the society and country. If a healthy person is found begging, he should be punished by the law.

Essay On A Street Beggar
Essay On A Street Beggar

Set 2: Essay On A Street Beggar

Beggars can be seen demanding money outside temples, schools, in the market places, bus stands and railway stations. They wear dirty rags and carry begging bowls in their hands. Some people take pity on them and give them alms. Some lepers and some handicapped men, women and children are also compelled to take to begging. But some beggars are quite strong and healthy and they can certainly earn their livelihood. This type of beggary is a slur on the face of every society.

For some people of the underworld, beggary is an organised profession and it is increasing day by day. Many people belonging to the lower strata of society are forced into beggary. There are people who kidnap children, make them physically handicapped and force them into beggary. They inflict inhuman cruelties upon these children and give them just that much food that they can remain alive and beg for them. This practice is really in- human and a stigma in the society.

Some people attach religious sanctity to begging. They are of the view that we should give away alins as this practice will ward off our sins and sufferings. This spirit of giving away alms may be justified but it should not be exploited by selfish people. Able-bodied persons should not be given anything as they have made beggary a profession, as it is an easy way to get money.

The beggary homes which are financed by the government in some cities should be properly managed. As beggary is a slur on our society, it should be banned at all public places and the able-bodied beggars should be caught and provided some work.


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