Essay On Easter

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Essay On Easter

India is a land of many religions. In this country the people of many faiths live as brothers and sisters. They celebrate the main festivals of all religions as if it was their own festival. Festivals like Diwali, Bakri Eid, Christmas, Pateti etc. are celebrated by all. By celebrating each other’s festivals people get to know more about other religions and grow closer to each other. Some festivals, however, escape the knowledge of people even though they are of great importance. One such festival is Easter that is celebrated by Christians.

Most people are ignorant about Easter because this festival falls on a Sunday and no special holiday is given for this festival. Most Christians claim that indeed, Easter is a bigger festival for them than Christmas is. The reason they explain is that it was the great event of Easter because of which their religion came into existence.

Easter celebrates the day on which Jesus Christ, the son of Almighty god rose to life again from the dead on the third day after he was brutally killed. On Good Friday Christians sadly and prayerfully remember Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life and got killed on that day. Thus if there was no Easter there would be no Christians today and so Easter is a very important festival of Christians. It generally falls in the month of April.

Just as the Christmas tree, Santa Clause and snow add to the Christmas gaiety so also the Easter egg and the Hot cross buns hold a special place in the Easter celebrations. While the Christmas, Easter egg etc. add to the celebration, they hold no religious significance at all.

Essay On Easter


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