Essay On Global Terrorism

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Essay On Global Terrorism

Terrorism. This word strikes fear into the hearts of many, and yet to others it is misunderstood. Terrorism has no internationally. agreed-upon definition, but essentially, terrorists are ideologically motivated and Terrorism is the fear that is placed in side everyone.
use violence against civilians to create panic and fear, in hopes of changing policies or laws. Terrorism flies in the face of diplomatic process, purposefully disrupting peace and safety in order to achieve a goal. Many terrorists consider a mission successful if hundreds of helpless, innocent women and children lie bloody in the street.

A popular terrorist attack is to set off a relatively small bomb, and kill say, 30 people, and detonate a far larger one when police and medics arrive. If this problem sounds like something that does not affect you, think again. Terrorist attacks have happened literally hundreds of times in the United States.

Terrorism comes from the Latin word terrero, meaning fear. This could not be a more accurate depiction of terrorists and their actions. Commonly terrorists are generalized as Middle Eastern men, motivated by their fanatic beliefs to harm innocent people.

Unfortunately, terrorism is incredibly diverse, located in every region of the world and used for almost any goal imaginable.

Essay On Global Terrorism


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