Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

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Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

We believe in God and his mercy on us. However, it would be not right to think that God has sent us in this world, and He is responsible to look after us. Such a thinking and attitude is dangerous and completely wrong. God has given us birth and has equipped us with a body, a mind and a soul to do our own good.

Our body, mind and soul are the greatest gifts given to us by God. If a person having wealth keeps it locked in the bank without putting it to any use, such person would die of starvation. No one can help such a fool, not even God. Similarly, if a drowning man in a river firmly believes that God would help him miraculously by lifting him out of the water and does not make any efforts to save himself will surely drown. What else could happen in such a case?

People usually believe that if they pray to get everything, they will be given all by God. That is not true. It is foolish to have such a belief. God will help only those who are willing to help themselves. In other words, we should put our own sincere efforts to help ourselves if we get into trouble or a dangerous situation. Doing nothing and only believing that God will miraculously get us out of it, is stupidity.

God would only help a person who is ready and determined to work hard in order to achieve his goal. He never helps those who love to sit lazy and idle in their own dreams. One must make labours and struggle to achieve, only then the person will be rewarded. However, this is not possible unless God wants us to be rewarded, and this can be called as destiny.

One can sow the seed of future success by working without many long breaks. Person should keep on working hard until he reaches his aim. If he thinks that, he has sowed the seed, his job is over, and now God will do the rest than that is not going to happen. Even the food served before us would reach your month only when our hands and fingers work to carry it up. God will not come to feed us.

Therefore, it is advisable to depend upon our own efforts and pray to God to let you succeed. Many things are shaped by prayer too, but not just by prayer. Our efforts are most important and prayers will support our efforts. Therefore, we can say that God helps, but helps only those who help themselves.

Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves


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