Essay On Importance of Physical Education In Schools

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Essay On Importance of Physical Education In Schools

Physical education involves training in sports and exercises that are given in schools. It is frequently a neglected part of education. Many schools and students do not realize the importance of having physical education as an important part of the educational system. There are many benefits involved in physical education. Unfortunately, only a few good schools have succeeded in achieving the balance between academics and physical fitness.

Some of the important benefits of having physical training as a part of education include proper physical growth of the students. Schools that provide regular physical education from an early age understand the importance of the subject. Physical education helps in development of muscles and bones of children. They kept fit from an early age. Obesity is a problem among many children. This problem can be solved to some extent by giving importance on physical education. Fatness can lead to many problems such as diabetes, heart problems and hormonal imbalances in children.

The problem of obesity among children can be controlled by encouraging physical education in schools. Students who take part in sports or other physical activities are benefited in their later lives. Some students show interest in sports from an early age. Such students should be boosted and given proper amount of guidance in schools. Many times, several children are restricted from playing sports, in spite of showing signs of early brilliance. With proper backing, children can bring out the best in themselves and they may even go on to represent the country at some point of time in the future. Thus, encouraging physical education is important and schools must realize the possible benefits that can be achieved from just a few hours a of weekly activities.

Physical education also helps children to take a break from the tiresome class studies. Periods of physical education can be a good way to release some pressure and stress that is bound to build up in a classroom. Engaging in some form of physical activity can be a good way to discharge their stress.

After a stressful day at school, playing sports or games is good for the mental progress of children. Skills in some form of sport or physical activity will make children confident. Shy children will be able to express themselves through sports and this is one of the main aspects of physical education in schools.

Children participating in inter school games and sporting events meet new people. This builds confidence and a sense of companionship and fellowship among them. Children who take part in team sports learn to behave well in a group. This will be beneficial when they are a part of working groups when they grow. Therefore, physical education has to be encouraged and schools have to understand the significance of having its separate periods.

Essay On Importance of Physical Education In Schools


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