Essay On How Do Satellites Work?

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Essay On How Do Satellites Work?

A manmade object in space that moves around a large natural object like Earth or other planet is known as its ‘satellite? Satellites are used for communicating signals on radio, television, etc. They collect and provide different information.

Satellites help us to communicate, keep an eye on the environment and predict weather. A satellite is a self-sufficient communication system that can receive signals from Earth. Signals are sent from Earth with the help of an antenna on the ground, which is called Earth Station. On the other hand, the high-powered and high frequency signals sent to the satellite are known as uplinks. The satellite receives uplinks and releases them back to Earth. These are called downlinks.

A satellite receives and releases signals with the help of a transponder. Transponder is a combined receiver and transmitter of radio signals. Once the signals are received by the Earth Station, they are distributed. For example, programmes on television sent through satellites. We watch many programmes that are made out of our country. In are order to get signal to us, it is first broadcasted to the satellite where it is made. This is done through an uplink. The satellite will then release the signal down to our local station, which is sent to our television.

Since satellites fly in the sky and are above the clouds and atmosphere, they have a clear view of large areas of Earth. This helps them in collecting more information compared to any other instrument on the ground.

Before the invention of satellites, television signals were used. However, this did not work well. The signals only travelled in straight lines. Such signals were frequently interrupted by tall buildings and mountains.

Essay On How Do Satellites Work


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