Essay On How To Become A Good Writer

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Essay On How To Become A Good Writer

There are many ambitious students dreaming to become popular writers when they grow. Whenever they get some time, they read classical novels and other books of their interest. This helps them to improve in their reading as well as writing skills.

Showing writing creativity on paper is a fine as well as difficult art. This art can be developed only with regular practice of reading and writing. There are thousands of books that encourages the readers for engrossed reading. This helps them to self-express their thoughts through language.

Writing regularly makes a writer more and more superior in his creations. A great writer shows marked changes in his writing from his early writings to his writings in his developed years. This can be explained from the fact that a person can gradually become a better painter as he creates more and more paintings. Similarly, a person can become a better writer as he writes more and more with the passage of time.

Sharpening and increasing the thought process is very essential to become a good writer. Reading good books on daily bases improves our vocabulary as we come across different words. One can refer a dictionary to know the meaning of the words that are difficult to understand. Reading books without understanding every word or expression used in it is pure waste of time and energy. A person must constantly read essays, biographies and novels to improve his understanding, command over the language and gain increasing hold on what he wants to write.

For becoming a good writer, one must collect plenty of creative ideas and information about various topics. One must write essays, articles, stories and poems in order to forward them to various local newspapers and magazines. Initially they may be rejected. However, continued efforts can be fruitful because it is quite possible that it can be published someday. Once a person gains confidence over his writing and gets initial respect as a writer, than the future creations may be easily considered for publication.

An inspired writing is a writing that is an expression from the deepest thoughts of the writer. Writing must reflect the happiness of writer’s mind, heart and soul. Thus, one must constantly try to improve the writing skills, polish it, refine the thoughts, style and letting the message be clear and definite. Thus, clarity is the hallmark of good writing.


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