Essay On I Wish I Were A Rich Man

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Essay On I Wish I Were A Rich Man

I wish that someday all my dreams come true. I belong to a poor family and my needs are not much. I live in a state of uncertainty. I do not know whether I shall be able to afford my next meal. From the time when I was very young, I had no limits on my imagination. They ran like wild horses. I love to run my imagination that if I were a rich person what I would have done in life. Friends, even you can run your imagination, just like me.

As a poor boy, I have always found that most of the wealthy people are selfish. They act unkindly with poor people. They like to earn more money and are miser as well as greedy. They forget that being wealthy is less important than being a good and helpful human. When I become rich someday, I shall not forget God and overlook other poor people like me. I would respect and care about them. I would always stay ready to help them in their times of difficulty.

I want to spend some months in comfort by enjoying various luxuries of life. This can only happen if I have plenty of money. Money will end my worries with which I am living every day. All these years I have seen that poverty loses friends. It makes one feel shameful and dishonourable. Poor people are not willingly accepted in society. On the other hand, wealth attracts people around us. It helps in earning respect and attention of others.

If I turn rich someday, I would be in the company of rich friends and would get respect from all. However, being the richest person is only a part of my wish.

I know that I get education under very difficult I conditions. Therefore, I shall open number of schools and colleges for providing education to all. I would also open institutions for higher education. I would make sure that every child gets its basic right to education.

Enormous wealth sometimes spoils the habits of a person. Most of the rich people often sufferer from some or the other bad habits. However, money will not change my nature. I shall lead a noble and simple life because; I am a God fearing person. Through my acts and behaviour I shall set a perfect example before other misguided wealthy people.

I would also promote different social services in society. I shall make a trust, which will take care of orphans, widows and old. Very few wealthy people have charitable quality and I will be one of them. I will help others to live a better and healthier life. As I am a noble-hearted and simple person, I would always remain the same even if I become the richest man in the world.

Essay On I Wish I Were A Rich Man


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