Essay On The Autobiography Of A Moon

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Essay On The Autobiography Of A Moon

Science explains that I am 4.527 billion years old. I spread white light in the night sky. I am the only natural satellite of your planet, Earth. I am called as ‘Moon’. I am very beautiful. Long ago people worshipped me as God. Today, they are not foolish to do so, as they know who I am.

Although there are several ideas for my being in the past, the most widely accepted explanation is that I was born from the debris left over after a giant impact between Earth and some other body in the space. People admire my beauty. Singers and poets are crazy about me. They keep on writing something or the other for my beauty. I feel honoured for their efforts.

Earth revolves round the Sun and I revolve round the Earth. I take 27 days to complete one revolution around your planet. When I come between the Sun and Earth, I am not visible to the people from Earth.

Compared to your Earth my size is much small. Just like Earth, I am round in shape. I have no air on my surface. As there is absence of air on me, my temperature differs. One-half of my body facing the sun has a very high temperature. Another half of my body is extremely cold. My surface looks grey and reddish brown. I do not have clouds over me. There is no wind blowing on my surface and there are no storms on me.

I have many big holes on my body. Men call them ‘craters’. They are filled with big rocks and stone. Footprints of different astronauts who have visited me are found on my surface. As I do not have air, I will preserve these footprints for many years to come. I do not have any light of my own. Thus, I am not a self-luminous body. I reflect back the light of Sun. Every night I glow in the sky due to Sun’s light.

On 21st July 1969, men called Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin crossed the Earth’s atmosphere and landed on me. They had to avoided many dangers before visiting me. These men were known as “astronauts’. After landing, they carefully observed various conditions on me. They clicked my pictures. They also took a sample of my rock to the Earth. When these men stepped on the Lunar Soil over my surface, they uttered the words, “One small step for men, but one giant leap for humankind.” This created greater interest in the minds of the men to study me.

Since some years, I am serving as a halt station for the space travellers. Men have built a laboratory on me. They observe and study the Earth, other planets in solar system, the Sun and other stars from my surface. I am happy to help them.

Essay On The Autobiography Of A Moon


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