Essay On Reading

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Essay On Reading

Reading is very necessary for schools and college going students. For some people, habit of reading their favourite books is an activity to pass their free time. However, for those who are retired also find pleasure in reading books of their choice. The pleasures of reading are many and different. We can get these pleasures at any place and at any time. Many people read books to get knowledge while others read them to find joy.

People who are fluent in reading and have a good ability of reading find pleasure in reading books, newspapers, magazines, novels, etc. Small children find joy in reading fairy tales, grandpa’s tales, jataka tales, Panchatantra tales having moral stories, etc. On the other hand, grown-up children find pleasure in reading novels, adventurous stories and encyclopedias. Books involving intelligence and humour entertain us. Such books make the reader lough as he reads. Many sincere students also find pleasure while reading the chapters and poems in their school’s course books.

Books help us to come across wide variety of facts, descriptions and images. Waves of joy rise within us as we turn the pages of a book. Sometimes joy in reading books comes from the memory of what we have earlier read.

There are many pleasures that are outside the reach of people, due to financial problems. However, the pleasure of reading is mostly within the reach as one can read at home during the day as well as at night. It is sad that poor and illiterate people are disadvantaged of the pleasure of reading. Similarly, it is same with the blind and people having other visual problems.

While providing pleasure a book never makes difference between the rich and the poor. With same affection, all books open their hearts in front of their readers to give them happiness and knowledge. Among other pleasures like watching television, listening radio, eating favourite meal, etc. the pleasure of reading books are the politest and the finest.

Books can give company when human beings cannot. We can happily spend our lonely hours in the company of characters created by the author. Any journey may be dull and boring if we do not have a book, magazine or a newspaper to read. One can also remember the past and create the future by reading. By reading books, we improve our experience and decision making abilities. Moreover, experience makes us wiser and self-confident.

Essay On Reading


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