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Set 1: Essay On World’s Food Day

Every year World’s Food Day is observed around the world on 16th October. This day is also considered as ‘Food Engineers’ Day’.

World’s Food Day or Food Engineers’ Day is observed in honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. This day shows more importance towards the sufferings of the hungry and the malnourished or undernourished people in different parts of the world. The day is celebrated by many food safety organizations like World Food Program and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

In November 1945, World’s Food Day was established by member countries of Food and Agriculture Organization. It was established at 20th General Conference. Dr. Pal Romany played an active role at this conference. He suggested the idea of celebrating the World’s Food Day. Since then it has been observed every year in more than 150 countries. The main aim to observe this day is to raise awareness towards the problems behind the availability of food, poverty and starvation.

It also aims to improve the condition of poor foodless masses around the world.Since 1981, World Food Day has adopted different themes each year. This has helped in focusing the areas that requires improvement and development. The World’s Food Day theme for 2014 was Family Farming. Its slogan was, “Feeding the world, caring for the Earth”. Different events take place in different countries to mark the occassion of World’s Food Day.

People across the world die due to starvation. The production of food has increased due to various scientific methods and the knowledge used in making machines, technologies, etc. Storage and transportation becomes major problems due to excessive production of food in certain countries. Food grains are not carried to places where people are in serious need of food. Sometimes millions of family do not get two full meals a day. Many times farmers who work hard to produce the food grains remain hungry.

Shocking effects on mothers and their newly born babies are seen due to starvation and lack of nutritious food. Underdeveloped growth, lack of brain development, low birth weight, etc. are some of the major problems faced by millions of babies across the world.

These are the main reasons that have led the United Nations Organization to call for a day that is observed as the World’s Food Day.

Set 2: Essay On World’s Food Day

October 16, is the day to highlight the plight of the Hungry, the undernourished and the malnourished of the World particularly it highlights the plight of such children and mothers.

Inspite of all scientific growth and so much of food production, so much of surplus food grains, still people are reported to be dying of starvation.

The problem that faces the food front is that of storage and transportation. The surplus food grains in certain parts of the world are in such a quantity that there is no space and no provision of storing them. Then arises the problem of carrying them to such regions where people are needing them. The net result of this confusion is that nearly 300 million of people go to bed hungry. Even those who work hard to produce the food grains remain hungry. 600 million live in the villages out of which 400 million depend upon agriculture.

The U.N.O. has made a survey of the food supply world over and their report says.

“Women do not have the same access to food as men. This Ill-arrangement does not only affect their health but also the future of the health of children …”.

Hunger weakens people not only physically but even physiologically and psychologically and it is a vicious cycle in which they get caught.

Seven out of ten of the world’s poor, are women and girls. There is so much of talk of empowering women. If it is seriously thought about, the first thing to do about this empowering would be to serve them proper food and nutrition, reduce poverty and make distribution of food equitably to all men and women.

What malnutrition to mothers can do is alarming. It can be so harmful for the child that they bear and give birth to. Low birth weight, stunted growth, weakness since birth easy to catch diseases. It even causes the brain to lack development, which makes life hellish.

These are the causes and considerations that have led the U.N.O. to call for a day, to be observed as the World’s Food Day and that day is October 16.

Essay On World's Food Day


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