Essay On History Of Science And Its Characteristics

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Science is knowledge about the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world based on facts that can be proved through experiments. The history of science is the interaction between science and society that began in the primitive human society. It led its way through different ages that have been seen in different forms of society.

Modern day science is an organized and specialized human activity as compared to the past when it was a part of the general culture. Modern science involves contribution of large number of men and women. Problems in areas of nature, health, resources, industrial and agriculture development are solved by science. In an institution, science can be used to solve specific problems in various areas within the broad framework of the existing social conditions.

The main objective of science is to spread and extend the knowledge and solve practical problems. The method of science is made of some mental and manual operations. The main characteristics of science are based on its power of observation and experimentation. Science stays unaffected by individuals, biases, prejudices, sentiments, beliefs and wishes.

Experiments are conducted in science to prove the theory. This leads to the formulation of certain scientific laws and theories that cannot be altered. Each scientific law is important within certain conditions. Therefore, science is a social institution having its own approaches and methods on every developing body of knowledge.

Science deeply influences means of production and improves the method of production. Concepts and theories play an important part in studying science. They help in advancement of science. Today, science is neither the product of searching truth by few individuals nor a building where one brick is simply placed on the top of the other to get the work done. Science is the story of human life and the interaction with the important forces in society such as economic, politics, sociology, psychology and culture.


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