Essay On The Autobiography of a Wrist Watch

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Wrist Watch

I was born in a factory in Switzerland. My companions and I were imported to Ahmedabad by a rich merchant. He displayed us in a fine showcase in his shop. Being an Omega watch I was given a prime position in his showcase.

A young college student entered the shop one day. He immediately took to me. He bought me at once and a new life began for me. He ordered a beautiful gold strap for me. He always wore me strapped to his wrist. I was very proud of my youth and beauty and strength. My master could never do without me. Together we went everywhere. I attended many gatherings, cricket matches and pleasure trips with my master. And thus the days of my youth passed happily enough.

For many years I gave my master faithful and trouble-free service. I ticked constantly and never stopped to rest. I was happy at the thought of serving my master.

After a long time, age and work weakened my body and dimmed my beauty. One day I dropped from my master’s hand as he was winding me. I became a worthless thing, quite unfit for service after that. I am now lying in this drawer lonely and neglected. Yet I console myself by thinking that I have loyally served my master and given him the best years of my life.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Wrist Watch


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