Essay On We Live In Deeds not In Years

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Essay On We Live In Deeds not In Years

Many people live to a ripe old age. They die at the age of eighty, ninety or even a hundred years. Yet, when they die, they are soon forgotten. This is because they have not done anything worthwhile in life. The worth of human life should not be judged by its length.

There are several eminent people who have done great service to others or contributed to the welfare and happiness of humanity. Such are the scientists, the poets, the artists, the social reformers and a score of others. A good many of these people lived for a very short time upon this earth. But they made good use of their time. They won for themselves undying fame during their short span of life. Some of the great English poets like Keats, Shelley and Byron died very young. Yet their works survive to this day. They continue to delight people all over the world.

These are deeds or great actions that make life worthwhile. A soldier, who lays down his life for his country in a battlefield, dies young. But he does not really die. He becomes immortal. He continues to live in the hearts of his grateful countrymen. There is a well-known saying “One crowded hour of glorious life, is worth an age without a name.” How true this saying is ! It means that it does not matter if our lives are brief. In that brief hour of life, we must crowd as much achievement as possible.

We must do something memorable. Then we will live for ever. If we live for an age, that is a very long time and do nothing worthy of note, we will soon be forgotten. So all of us should strive to do something great in life and thus immortalize ourselves.

Essay On We Live In Deeds not In Years


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