Essay On A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

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Set 1: Essay On A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This is oft-repeated proverb. Like all proverbs, it too aims at keeping people away from mistakes, and their consequent results. More often than not, they come to seek our help when it is too late. This one is a sort of spear against the devil of carelessness.

Quite literally, it means that if we stitch the torn part of a garment, we may make it last for a while. If we neglect that tear in the dress, it is bound to fall apart and become useless soon.

Similarly, the proverb is applicable in all other spheres of life. Suppose one is participating in a horse race. If he does not check the hoofs of his horse at the time of starting, it is highly probable the horse may falter, and thus the rider may lose the race. That one second’s care might have won him a prize.

A man falling ill may be cured by ordinary medicines, if given in time. But a few days’ lapse may make him unfit for any cure, even with costly drugs. A definite and timely action at that moment is very important.

A boat may sink if the crack, once noted by the crew, is not immediately plugged. So we say, a stitch in time saves us from having to take nine stitches later on.

Essay On A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
Essay On A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Set 2: Essay On A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Like numerous proverbs, the proverb quoted above helps us in learning valuable lesson of life. According to this proverb, a minor carelessness by us at the onset of a work can lead severe consequences in future. This can be explained from the fact that if a cloth having a small hole is not stitched on time and is ignored, the hole will soon grow big and finally more time and energy will be required to stitch a larger portion of cloth. Thus, a person can save himself from troubles by controlling and correcting things on time.

Some people have a habit of consuming alcoholic drink like wine to enjoy their time and relax. Slowly as days go, such people may become permanent drunkards. Bad practices like stealing, abusing, speaking lies, etc. must be checked from the beginning in childhood. If such practices are not controlled on time, the child may turn to a bigger thief, a bigger liar and a bigger abuser. It is same with cigarette smoker and gamblers. More the practice of these bad habits, greater is attraction to it. Then it becomes difficult to come out of such habits. Therefore, bad habits must be checked from their beginning.

A minute problem in a car engine can be easily rectified at a lesser cost. If the problem is ignored for long, the damage in engine may increase resulting in the higher cost of repair. Hence, every cause of the problem must be clutched in the beginning. Defects and problems must be corrected without any delay. They should neither be ignored nor be allowed to grow. This will avoid future hazards that can be irreparable as well as deadly.

This proverb can also be applied in the case of human health. Some people have a tendency to neglect their health. They are overconfident about their health. They do not visit doctors on regular bases for check-ups. Such kind of approach and negligence in the early stages of the illnesses can allow the disease to become long lasting, resulting fatal. This can be explained from an example of prolonging normal cold for many days leading to bronchitis. Similarly, neglecting a small wound on any part of the body may lead to blood poisoning.

To conclude, one can say that delays may be terrible and unsafe in certain cases. Many people have to suffer, as they do not realize the importance of this proverb. The main aim of this proverb is to teach us that we are our own protectors. We must work hard to take correct decisions on correct time. This helps us to prevent ourselve from future troubles. Sometimes the slightest relaxed attitude and lack of seriousness in certain matters may result in a huge loss. Wise, appropriate and timely steps must be taken to avoid problems in future.


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