Essay On Card Craze

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Essay On Card Craze

Let any festival come, let any occasion arrive birth of a child; birthday of young and old, marriages, or marriage anniversaries, or marriage silver or golden jubilees or days like the Valentine Day or the Mother’s Day and there are now cards available for all occasions. There has now started a card craze must have a card to offer. And the card business is flourishing.

When there was the likelihood of an agitation by some cultural zealots against the ‘Valentine Day’ which they considered anti-Indian culture one of the prime printers of cards the Archies – went in a special petition before the Supreme Court to issue an injunction against these zealots – the Shiva Sena in particular. The Shiva Sena gave an assurance to the court that no vandalism would be resorted to and the petition was disposed off as not required. The Archies are one such card printers who have made a fortune out of this business the cardcraze.

A card sent even for an apology for something wrong having been done and it was a card with a caption I’m Sorry’ and inside it was the citation ‘I wish I could turn back time and do things differently I want you to know that I’m sorry for what happened!’

Then there are greeting cards and Birthday cards and marriage cards marriage cards going into hundreds and with high-ups into thousands. Inviting to attend the marriage of his son, the father of the bridegroom humbles himself to the extent of saying ‘Please treat this card as if I’m personally present with folded hands inviting you to the marriage party’.

Lots of literature has gone into drafting the citations in the cards some examples of a Birthday cards one from a sister to the brother
‘So, on your birthday

I just want to say that you mean

So much to me

I’m thankful that we’re family and I’m especially glad to have a brother like you.

‘Have a wonderful Birthday’
‘For a Brother who means so much’.

Then it is a Birthday card to a Son-in-law from the father-in-law and the family which goes into great admiration and great hopes the citation reads

‘Son-in-law you’re never too busy, never too hurried to care, you’re always so eager to offer your help, always so willing to share, that’s why you’re remembered for the many nice things you do, and you’re wished A Birthday, that turns out to be, a special dream come true’. Loving Wishes Always.

The Birthday cards from a friend goes into the best wishes

A one of A kind Birthday

Filled with Smiles, laughter and fun, warmed with wonderful surprises and many a pleasant movement, and beautiful memories of time spent with near and dear ones Then there is a card sent on the marriage anniversary which has all that can be said about marriage and greetings galore

‘Marriage is a precious thing that only Loving couples know

For it’s truly a MIRACLE just how much LOVE can grow’.

‘May the love within your hearts blossom and flourish, rooted in the strength of commitment and nurtured by the jobs that can be found in sharing life with one another’.

A girl is born to a couple and comes her first Birthday and there is a ready card for her too from the Archies for An Adorable Girl On Her Very First Birthday – How much poetry is there in the blessings inscribed in the Card

‘May life touch your little Girl gently, as she celebrates her Birthday number one and casts her magic spell on each and everyone May life touch her warmly as her heart learns to sing with the beauty and joy that discovery may bring…”

Cards for everyone, cards for all occasions all this needs imagination and innovation – new things said in a new way that is what a card should be and should contain.

This is how the business grows; this is how the craze gets bought and sold. Life today has its own spells and the card craze is one such spell that has cast itself on all-young and old. It needs quite an effort on the part of the chooser of the card to choose the card with the right citation carrying the sentiment as desired to be expressed.


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