Essay On Charity

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Essay On Charity

Giving money, food, help, etc. to poor and needy people is known as “charity? Charity is a noble act. The word “charity’ is an old English word, meaning ‘love’. However, in ordinary modern English, it means ‘almsgiving’.

Charity is a very good quality extensively practiced and highly respected in the East. In India, before Independence, it was a common practice for Kings and rich men to weigh themselves against gold and silver that was distributed among the poor subjects. This was also done by Shivaji Maharaj and many others before and after his time.

In Indian cities one finds fine monuments and buildings constructed due to generous charity. Many universities, schools, colleges, hospitals, recovering homes and water-fountains are built by generous people. Such buildings were built wholly or partially at the expense of rich citizens, who chosed this way of showing their affection to society.

However, not every human being is charitable by nature. A person who wants to involve himself in this good cause should give charity only to the deserving people. The best charity is that which is done secretly. In the words of the Gospel, the left hand should not know what the right hand does. The great objective of charity is to get rid of misery and unhappiness of others. There are many people who think it as a duty to give small alms to every beggar they come across.

A rich man, who is really determined to do good with his money, should find out what poor men really deserve. If he has no time to do so, he should donated his money through some charitable organization that has officers appointed for the special purpose of distinguishing between the deserving poor and the deceivers.

There are people who require an understanding that charity begins at home. They must not deprive themselves of the means of supporting their own family by plentiful charity to strangers who have fewer claims upon them.

Those people who spread the news of their charitable acts are hypocrites and pretenders. In order to win social support and glory, some charitable people have a tendency to declare openly about their charitable doings. However, the ideal form of charity is one when the identity of the donor remains hidden.

Essay On Charity


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